Sunday, 17 August 2014

p.What a Strange Way to End (2016)?

The last part is here:   The Oracle of Omaha of the East has Spoken

I have frequently asked the question:   What is the opposite of love?

The answer I got was not "hate", but "strangeness". If I not longer love a person, I will never hate her, but to treat her just like another passer-by. It is a strange way to end.

Sometimes I do admire a certain old, old fucken, he once said, "I am sure about 2011, but am not so sure about 2016." How powerful and accurate is his mastery! Man of his intellect, if he has deployed his intelligence to helping the weak ones, the society would have blessed him to no ends. But, unfortunately he has no scruples, he used instead his the-other-half - cunning to serve his ends.

What he gets in return is nothing more than a bad name. Like any other yellowskin, he couldn't serve a better god. Now he's on the road of no-return. He simply couldn't reverse a mistake he participated so passionately.

I was once in the stock market, I noticed if no one talked about it, it happened. But, when every one talked about it, it wouldn't. Now I noticed no one talked about 2016. I am afraid it will happen.

It is going to be unfortunate. A sad passing on. You may amass a zillion, but who do you pass it on to?

In reality, this old fucken reminded of a guy I used to know. He was super competitive and more than willing to show off. He had a good and super rich wife and the only son-in-law in the empire. But, he was not happy. He couldn't lord over his missy. So instead, he took frequent business trips to his kept mistress and drank soups. He had an empty large hole to fill. Everytime I talked to him, he was always that aggressive and vengeful guy. He fought every inch of his ground but to lose it all. He doesn't even value his friendships over money. Their likeness was amazing.

I wouldn't say I am currently better off than before. But, at least, I am free to do things I like to do and travel to strange lands to measure my worth.

So tengri, please be nice? I am going in again this week. So give me a small break. I need that. I have been waiting for this little break for more than 6 months already. Thank you in advance. I promise I will do gooder when I return to that little fucken island next.

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