Wednesday, 16 July 2014

p.How to Keep the Head's Up ...

The last part is here:   Personal Depression

No one can escape depression. I am sucker for it.

So I have to find a new way to counter it. I have found it though. The idea is to have an ambition or a target. The target should not be big. It should be something very doable all the time. By focusing on it all the time, I realised that I have no time to weep or sulk. Isn't it nice?

My humble target is to buy an auctioned property every 3-6 months. Once the bidding starts, I do need to spend about 2 weeks to hurry-hurry. Hurry to collect past property price trends. Do comparison analysis. Hurry to find out from auctioneer whether the property is any good. Check valuation. Visit the property. Check if it is tenanted or owner-occupied. If owner-occupied, whether I need to release snakes and scorpions when I finally owned it to chase away the original owner. Are there any body died in the house? Hurry to check surrounding tenanted rent. Do caveat search on the said property to see if the fucker owed anything else. If the property is too expensive, see if the banks love me.

Go for the bid. Excite other bidders to overbid and screw themselves. The last one I attended over-bidded by 25%-30%. Fucking stupid. They are now at least 10 more years into the 40 years pay-back time. The last I heard from the vines is that the winner is from a group of investors who own a property company. They will then attempt to borrow the monies from the bank, failing which, they will forfeit their initial deposit and re-auction again in 3 months' time. Most of the time they will fail to impress the banks for a loan. The feedback was bad-bad-bad. So even if I don't win, I enjoy screwing others along the way by bidding. In order for them to win me, they have to over-bid me. What a lovely idea. I am in the auction because I am bored and feeling depressed. I just need them to entertain me and my depression. What a fun-fun-fun game!

After I have won the bid, I would pay up and then do the chasing away of tenants or owners. Another 3 months will pass with busy-busy-busy activities.

Minor or major renovation will begin in 3-4 months' time. Again another busy-busy-busy activity. After the renovation, either tenant it out or keep for own fun.

Some properties may not need so much attention to detail.

A good 3-6 months will rush by.

After that, I will lay sight on another auction again. By this, I truly hope to feel better and not so hollow inside of me. It is very painful that with so much success in me, I have no cheer leader beside me. Sigh ... Emptiness is now my form.

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