Saturday, 18 October 2014


The last part is here:   Show - 兰陵王

It is so excellent. Yellowskins from the big island are so good. Of all her inadequacies, she has developed a true democracy. This show is so well done that although its story line is weak but very enjoyable to watch. It allows poor bastards like me to escape from the rigours of life, even if it is just for a brief moment.

True democracy allows true creativity. I wish the big island well.

I guess some people don't mind having blood in their hands and still always able to sleep well at night. To this, I hope that karma will find its true way.

Now people from the larger island are busy fighting their evil empire. I wish them well too. Blood has already spit. I just hope that freedom would not exact too high a price.

Although I had been moaning for the loss of my medium project, as long as I have not lost capital, I still have a chance.

Tengri is a fair guy. He will look after those who are fair and hard-working.

A friend of mine suggested that instead of keeping toy chicken, I should keep this:
  She is definitely evil. An evil mind for business.

I am not sad. Just feel that life is easier if there is someone to share it with.

Friday, 17 October 2014

b.Ouch! I Lost a Medium Project

The last part is here:   A Chicken Farm is Born

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! I just lost a nice medium project.

By going for the cheapo chicken farm, I had lost the opportunity to grab this medium sized project.

Moan ...

This cheapo chicken farm is so small as compared to this medium sized project.

I guessed I wasn't really thinking hard enough. I let my guards down.

This 18 November is a big day. I am engaged in a battle royal for a huge project. Let's hope that my army is in position to siege the city. Another important factor is this November is still too early for winter. I truly needed the wintry cover.

I hope my sacrifice for this medium sized is worth it.

I shan't speak too much details else tengri is angry. In life, I think I have lost too much, but I am very poor and all of these projects are almost always beyond my humble means.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

b.A Chicken Farm is Born

The last part is here:   Japan Is In Recession Again

Tra la la la la la ... Finally can celebrate a little.

Converting from big head projects to small head projects. Immediately, I received success. Kekeke ... I bidded 3 times the reserved price. All the small fishes went into hiding. They all avoided me as they worried that I might even bid 4 times the reserved price or I just freeze and let them have the small head project at 4 times the reserved price. Their expressions were gold. Their confusion and their angst in their loss fueled their pain. They now learned that I was no kind soul but a medium-sized bully.

People queued up to buy iPhone 6. I queued up to buy chickens. Unlimited supply of chickens. Now that I can keep lots of chickens, I wonder if they also let me go for the next small head project - keeping dogs.

Although I was blessed in small head projects, I am still interested in having a big head project and show my Jones that I have arrived. Fuck! Fucken characteristics at work.

The most natural question is that why did I pay so much for such a small head project? At low price quantum, the barrier of entry is extreme low. Every adventurer would have to pay cash to have a quick go at these projects. Therefore, there is a certain level of irrationality. Adventurers compete with each other and have an unnatural sense of achievement when any one of them won the final bid. These achievements are hollow.

I quote a current worked example:   An adventurer once bidded for a chicken farm and won with a 2 times reserved price. He was so happy and proud and even jided me on his victory march out. Months later, rumour had it that he didn't have the capital to buy cages and equipments to start his chicken farm. To date, his chicken farm remained a piped dream. It is only a matter of time that the license plus land would be revoked and resold again in the open market. That's when I shall return and have some more fun with it. You see:   James Sassoon once said it is better to lose opportunity than capital. Only blur fucks are happy for such a hollow victory march. The issue at hand is if you don't have sufficient cash to play the game through, the chicken farm would never yield a single cent of income. Indeed, it is a 100% return or 0% income perpetual shit-hole. Therefore, no matter how small or big is the project, generating cash-flow income is key to success in investment.

Then why should I have paid 3 times just to get at it. You are quite right to assume that I was out of my mind. I was frustrated for the better of one full year. I was without success I needed a successful bid to 冲冲喜. So yes. The bid was irrational but good as it rebuild the team's morale which money cannot buy.

All chicken farms are different. Some have super under-priced and some have totally overpriced reserved prices. I happened to gun for the super under-priced ones. But at 3 times the reserved price, you need an iron nerve to either blink or not blink. Remembering always your worst enemy is another human. In fact, none of the bidders knew that I was thinking of setting up a toy chicken farm which does not bother to turn in any revenue. So they can't really test my fathoms.

The true battle is about to begin ...

Winter is round the corner. Leaves are now falling like nobody's business. In some nights, there were even frost on the window sills.

I have contacted some banks and they were happy to give me an advance on all my assets. But, I am not going to take that route. All my life, I have been played time and again by the fucking banks. I intend to play it totally safe. If I can't get a loan on the strength of my purchased property, I have no intention of buying it. Further, in winter, the sellers might even give me a repayment period in return for a good lump sum upfront. They are desperate to sell to finance their ongoing lifestyle. After all, they were once the immortals that walk this earth. Now they are old and fragile, they needed that assurance that they still can walk independently without help. Well, their gambling sons are definitely not helping. 

Interesting things do happen now and then. The chicken farm I just bidded successfully was in fact one of the 10 chicken farms in the area. This farm is currently the most juicy amongst them. All the chicken farms belong to a single owner. That's when the fun begins. The owner doesn't know that I happened to be a good chicken farmer. In fact, I hope to buy the other nine farms off him and make it into a big dog farm.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

b.Japan In Recession Again

The last part is here:   Philosophy - The Highest Form of Thinking

Japan has fallen victim to the Keynesian scam 

Michael Pento, president of Pento Portfolio Strategies Japan saw its economy shrink at an alarming 6.8 percent annualized rate in the second quarter, proving its greatest national disaster, Abenomics, has failed and the Japanese economy has fallen victim to the scam called Keynesian economics. (Defined as the belief that a country can tax, spend, devalue and inflate its way to prosperity.)

Since the popping of the BOJ-induced bubble in 1989, Japan has been the most faithful adherent of Keynesian principals. At the onset of the crisis, they immediately began on their misguided path with large doses of deficit spending. Instead of allowing the economy to rid itself of bad investments and heal, they continued to prop-up failed business models — creating Zombie banks and an equally Zombie-like economy.

As one lost decade turned into two, in the year 2000, they coupled their fruitless spending efforts with massive amounts of money printing. And despite two decades of low growth, the nation stubbornly held on to the popular Keynesian excuse of "if only" … If only our stimulus was larger, if only we weakened our currency more, if only we kept interest rates lower for longer; economic nirvana would be achieved. Keynesians love to use this counterfactual argument because they believe it cannot be proven wrong — that is until now!

In 2012, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had a master plan to pull the world's third-biggest economy out of its stagnation. His plan was to deploy, in massive and unprecedented fashion, the strategies of central bank credit creation, currency destruction and debt accumulation. The Japanese doubled down on the great Keynesian experiment, as if Paul Krugman himself was running the economy, they placed the economy on Keynesian steroids. Now, we are beginning to see what an economy looks like when the Keynesian playbook is utilized to its fullest extent.

With a first-half economic contraction in the books, many economists are now warning that Japan is poised for yet another recession. Back In June, I warned the reported 6.1-percent GDP growth in the first quarter would prove to be temporary because businesses front-loaded capital spending in a move to avoid April's well-anticipated and substantial increase in the consumption tax from 5 percent to 8 percent. And because of the asinine belief that growth comes from inflation, Japan's lethargic economy — whose inactivity had previously been blamed on falling prices — slowed dramatically right after prices went up.

Household consumption plummeted at an annualized pace of 19.2 percent from the previous quarter, while private investment sank 9.7 percent. And because of the Japanese battle against deflation, real wages dropped 3.8 percent year on year in May. Those mismanaging the Japanese economy believe consumption will surge if they can achieve a substantial increase in the CPI. The misguided logic being the Japanese consumer will only spend if they are running in perpetual fear of rising prices.

One of the cornerstones of Abenomics was destroying your currency with the hopes of boosting exports. Ironically, last week the central bank warned over a worsening export and factory output picture. In fact, June showed the worst trade deficit ever in Japan, and a 57 percent rise in the trade deficit for the first half of the year.

And today with a near 250 percent debt-to-GDP ratio, it's difficult to argue Japan didn't engage in enough deficit spending. Over the past three years, interest rates on the JGB 10-year note went from 1.5 percent to 0.52 percent. Under its own brand of quantitative easing policy put in place last April, the Bank of Japan now buys 70 percent of all new government bonds issued in markets, as well as other more risky assets. With the JGB market on virtual life support courtesy of the BOJ, it is impossible to argue rates aren't low enough or that the BOJ hasn't monetized enough. They spent, they printed, they taxed; but the Japanese economy is out of gas, and the Keynesians who own this plan are now out of excuses.

The truth is Japan is a perfect example to the counterfactual argument that anemic U.S. growth is the result of a Keynesian plan that was launched half-heartedly.

The United States should heed Japan's economic woes as a warning sign, and a reason to change course while we still have a chance. With U.S. debt-to-GDP at 105 percent and household debt at over 80 percent, the aggregate amount of our nation's debt is at an all-time high. But unlike Japan we have the overwhelming privilege and responsibility of holding the world's reserve currency.

Obliging other nations to trade and hold U.S. dollars is not written anywhere. These nations have, for the time being, decided to maintain a holding that is equal to 50 percent of our publicly traded Treasury debt. Losing their confidence in our credit and currency would be devastating to our economy. Japan has no such worries about keeping foreign investors happy because they finance 90 percent of their debt internally.

We have become a country that habitually over-consumes and under-produces. Debt levels have skyrocketed while our demographic and labor force participation conditions are quickly approaching critical mass.

We have to abandon these failed Keynesian policies while there is still time. We must boost our employment-to-population ratio, deregulate the economy, simplify the tax code, balance the budget, cut expenditures, end the Federal Reserve's runaway printing press and allow the free market to set interest rates and asset prices. Only by doing this do we stand a chance of not falling further into Japan's stagflationary nightmare. But if we persist in following the Keynesian counterfactual, our fate will be worse than that of Japan, as the deluge of debt being dumped by our foreign creditors causes the dollar to be dethroned, interest rates to soar and inflation to skyrocket.

My Comment:
Japan recorded a Government Debt to GDP of 227.20 percent of the country's Gross Domestic Product in 2013. Government Debt To GDP in Japan averaged 118.66 Percent from 1980 until 2013, reaching an all time high of 227.20 Percent in 2013 and a record low of 50.60 Percent in 1980. 

Japan like it or not is not going to come out of this ruins. The coloured paper printing press would never stop. There is no discipline.

Before I continued ...

My BIG Apology
Recently I have engaged in a big head project. In the end, I got nothing going. Although I didn't lose any capital, I wasted very valuable time. I wasted other people's time. I lost a good 1 year worth of time. She reminded me that all things beautiful must be small. Small things are beautiful because they are absolutely manageable.

In such an inflationary environment, bubbles are everywhere. Therefore, I cannot engage in bubbly projects. I am facing uncles and aunties that have just sold their restaurants and lands. I cannot engage them head-on thinking that I have ample resource. But, no. I don't. They have far deeper pockets. They smile all the time. I lost in all 20-30 deals in the year. Fuck them! They outwitted me in every single turn. They can't read English and they can't speak English and yet, they outwitted me in English. What an insult! I am humbled by the experience.

Now, my acquaintance retold a story about how small things can be a beauty. Suddenly, I felt the correct answer. I have been wrong all this year. By going for tiny projects, I am a relatively big fish in a small pond. I am a big fish in their eyes. With that, I can call the shots. The smaller fishes will move aside whenever I am in town. Nice feeling for a change. That way, I can shift my weight around and they would avoid direct contact.

She is truly intelligent. Fuck! I feel age is catching me up good.

All this idea about having a big head project is to show-off to the Jones that I have arrived. But, big head projects always carry a price called big risk. Now I have decided that there is no need to show-off to the Jones. I am already home. I must be comfortable in my own skin. That characteristics of a fucken is still too ingrained in me. Just a fucking disgusting characteristics to have.

Monday, 6 October 2014


The last part is here:   Red Sorghum Wine

From what I observed no matter how much education one gets, it would never change the 劣根性 of chinaman.

Why do I say so?

I noticed some students who were educated in the west; when they returned, they were amazingly eloquent and very smooth at getting to where they wanted to reach. Once they have reached those places, they became very arrogant and unfeeling towards other "lesser" beings' plights. What grow them such arrogance? God knows. Most of the early immigrants were labourers and menial workers. They all came from very humble beginnings, but, when the next generations came and stepped on their daddies' shoulders to reach new horizon, they totally forget that they were once from very humble beginnings. If not for their forebears' hard work, they wouldn't have reached what they have. Let alone, a rich meal on the plate.

This is not a plea for their change of superiority. The sight of them disgusts me totally.

But, one thing I truly enjoyed is that they like to buy very expensive dwellings to show their purchasing power. They all went into millions. Beautiful. They have to por lumpar all the way. The moment they stopped. Their income stopped. They would be dead. What a beautiful methodology. They all lived under constant stress and worry that they might be discovered as fake supporters of the white fucken regime, i.e., they must never be discovered as fakeys. LOL. So they would cry on national TV like our dear leader North Koreans. Even if they die their own father, die their own mother also not as sad as their dear leader illy dies.

Their commitment to the banks is so heavy that they have no choice but to fail.

Recessions or financial crises will come every 5 or 10 or 15 or 20 or 25 or 30 years. Each cycle more severe than the next. I love it deep deep because most of their loan periods are in the 30 years. If the 5-year cycle don't fuck you, the 10-year would. If the 10-year cycle don't fuck you, the 15-year would. If the 15-year cycle don't fuck you, the 20-year would. If the 20-year cycle don't fuck you, the 25-year would. If the 25-year cycle don't fuck you, the 30-year would. I am merely watching an extended serials.

Another thing I noticed - Anger. Some of them were so angry that I am not interested in joining their meals. They couldn't show off to me that they have arrived to places that were way better than mine. I was sad. I was just a mouse. I was a no-body. There was no need to compare. Yet, there were no true friendship. I am not a Jones. 劣根性?

My time to return is nigh. I would be burning away some of my candle to warm one or few people. I know I am just a poor fucker. But, I still have 40 years to go. If I finally managed to start this year, I just hope that I am not so late. I would never live my life in vain.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

b.New Property Game?

The last part is here:   Grotesque Printing of Fiat Money


Interesting. During my dad's era, saving is the way to go. During my era, I did save but not as much as my dad. My money came mostly from speculations.

Now with grotesque printing of fiat money, a new strategy has to be found to protect our hard-earned money.

Quantitative easing (QE) is an unconventional monetary policy used by central banks to stimulate the economy when standard monetary policy has become ineffective.

Quantitative easing can be used to help ensure that inflation does not fall below target. Risks include the policy being more effective than intended in acting against deflation (leading to higher inflation in the longer term, due to increased money supply), or not being effective enough if banks do not lend out the additional reserves. According to the International Monetary Fund and various economists, quantitative easing undertaken since the global financial crisis of 2007–08 has mitigated some of the adverse effects of the crisis. Financial experts have criticized the programs for exacerbating wealth inequality, a finding confirmed by the Bank of England.

In simple words, it means printing money all the way. It is new concept as it was only put truly in place in 2008. The result is the number of coloured papers increases every year chasing after a fixed number of real assets. The result is hyper-inflation. Meantime, the wages of plebeians are kept low. The owners of real assets get ultra-rich as a consequence.

I know because all my white farms have gone up 3 times the prices I bought. Even garbage like an old useless church is now going for 3-4 times its original worth. All my paper houses are now worth even more. All these in less than 2 years of work. The plebeians did not even receive a penny increase in wage.

Therefore, in the era of grotesque printing of money, the true answer lies in the ownership of real assets.

Just look at the REITs in that fuckened little island, the REITs don't care whether the shops can be rented or not. They just raise the rentals every damn year. There will always be stupid takers, thinking that they can become the next 12 cupcakes. They sure did. They are now buried alive under a mountain of debts. Soon the daddies would have to sell off their teachers' estate terrace houses to repay.

To cut the chase,  the following results:
  • Cannot Save - You cannot save fast enough to buy real assets cash. You can only buy a small one quickly and trade it upwards.
  • Bank Borrowing - I know this is dangerous. But, you may not have a choice but to dance with the devil for your first property.
  • Trading Upwards - By not increasing any GEARING, you must learn to trade upwards, i.e., liquidate one and buy two.
  • Small Size - Buy small sized properties only. This will reduce predatory aggressive from neighbouring players. Please don't appear to be a big fish.
  • Rental Income - Rental income is important. Forget about capital growth, it will take care of itself when the time is right. It will behave like a swinging pendulum. It will be right soon enough.
  • Never Remortgage - This killed me the last time. Enough said.

Another worked example:  The legend Retold 10 years ago bought into an apartment that can house 8 families. The apartment block sits on a small piece of land. It was cheap and very great for rentals. The whites love to rent. Over the years, because it was made of paper, the repair cost was terrible. Quite frequently, his rentals were used to cover repairs. Now, 10 years later, he tries to sell it. There are no good takers and the capital appreciation is bad. So although the idea of investing in real estate was good, but poorly executed. He has lost a decade of capital appreciation.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

p.香港佔中進行曲 - 試問誰能未覺醒?


Some complained that one should never bring a 細路女 to sing this song. But, frankly politics knows no bounds. I am not too worried about its take. Just as all fuckens knew no bounds too.

I have watched every single video on the occupy central. How I wish I can join them as one. But, the price is too expensive for me.

A fucken just told me that hongkongers are wasting their time, they can never get the democracy they want. I know. But, if they don't do, they will never get. He was happy that this did not happen in that fuckened little island, otherwise he has to assist in planning the full frontal militant crack-down.

CCB !!!

These fuckens collect about 50k-100k per month. He has no worries about his kiddos' education and liveihood and they all live in a huge penthouse with a private pool. What does he knows about the plight of everyone else.

Each has chosen their own path. I had chosen mine and so did he. I am happy that he has fought for white fuckens' blessing and got it. But now, I will never call him a friend ever again.

I am sad that with money, a human soul can be bought to such utterance. It is as if what he planned for the white fuckens is truly good for everyone. I guess he has to mind-fuck himself totally before he can be a run-dog.

I can always remember vividly all the soft wriggled hands I held of old uncles and aunties and their well-wishes. Their watery eyes told me that honestly, we were once kins. It is this true feeling that has kept me from going insane and kept me fighting to this day.

红日照海上, 清风晚转凉 随着美景匆匆散, 钟声山上响 海鸥拍翼远洋 要探钟声响处 无奈我不知方向 人象晚钟一般愤 美景不可永日享 船划破海浪, 终于也归航 无论我多依恋你 苦于了解情况 归家怨路长, 痴心却在远方 谁遇到风浪, 多少也惊惶 无力再收痴心网 心中急又慌 涌出眼泪两行 向晚景色碎 红日向山边降 前路也许昏昏暗 天边总有月光 含泪看彼岸, 不知你怎样 来日也许可相见 相见止于梦乡 相思路更长, 心曲向谁唱

Sunday, 28 September 2014

p.Salute to HongKongers 佔中啟動 (Sep 28 2014)

The last part is here:   Holocaust II - Dr Calhoun's Experiment on Humans

My heart goes to all Hongkongers who were injured in the activity. May you recover speedily. May there be no further injuries.

You have done what we fuckens never dare to do.

You have a lion's heart. I know nation building is never blood-less, but I just pray that you can achieve what we all fuckens failed to tread.

Our forebears travelled far and wide simply because the middle kingdom is fuck-up.

SALUTE !!! Deep BOW !!!


First They Came For The Communists 
First they came for the Communists,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I wasn’t a Communist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I wasn’t a Jew.

Then they came for the Catholics,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I was a Protestant.

Then they came for me,
and by that time there was no one left to speak up for me.

b.3rd Country - Feelings (Part 5)

The last part is here:   3rd Country - The Awakening (Part 4)

A rolling stone never gathers moss. Sad but true. But, if we use foreign exchange to our advantage, then there is a possibility to live happily ever after.

Living in Buddhaland? A slum? You must be kidding. They have one of the most beautiful and nice gals on earth. Their food is one of the best in the world. That sourness is poorly replicated in pinoyland. Pinoyland also has all kinds of sourness - sour pork, sour veggies, sour noodles, fuck! everything is sour. My friend from there refused to visit me for the longest of time. He had at least 20 gfs to boot. He lives like an emperor on earth. His wifey don't give him shit, even though she graduated from the very top university on earth. See! Buddha taught her well. His refrigerator factory is the largest in Buddhaland. Once, he even asked me why did I spend my useless life in that fuckened little island? He couldn't understand. He now partnered one of the largest car manufacturers in the world for spare parts. Opportunities are so immense that he couldn't understand why I am worried about having a shelter over my head?

Like yoda in the star wars, we must learn to search our inner feelings. We must not be bothered by earthly distractions. Flow (leave) if we must. There should never be a feeling of loss. The feeling of loss is just temporary, it is a tool used by the white fuckens to hold us back. There is no ties. There is not even an identity.

Even if I am super poor, my simple salary saved (after expenses) as a grain collector in white land can buy me a full landed house in 1 year in a nice place within the capital in all of the 3rd countries. Within 10 years, I would have owned more than 10 houses. How can that be sad?

The Legend Retold has gone to the white casino with a huge mudland's flag floating today. Guess what? The white casino is opened by the casino in the mudland. He spent happily. He is at last home. No more french fries, no more tongue-twisting words. His kiddos refused to join him in his home coming, but I think given time, this path would again be replayed through the generations to come.

Once I was in Congland. The fucking chinatown spoke only Cantonese. The restaurant owner asked me how was that fuckened little island? I asked why? She said she was once from there but she was forced to move. I asked why again?  She said she was wanted by the white fuckens for drug trafficking. Wow ... Now she owned houses, restaurants and nice hotels. She asked me to deliver something back to her mum without tracks. I replied humbly yes. She gave me a treat in abalone and seafood. She said eat at her restaurants and mentioned her name. The restaurants would not bill me.

Looking back ... I do have many true friends I met along the way. All true and without pretence. Maybe, that's the way it is. A true path for the weary ...

This last part ends the essay on the 3rd country. I have not visited budland nor camland. But I am sure they are not so bad. It is just a matter of freedom of choice. My friend runs a 5-stars hotel in budland. He would have given me a headstart too.

Lastly, for those who love the cooler weather and loving connection to the white fuckens, there is also the geniland not far away from the large land of the south. Everything the island has are smuggled from the white fuckens of that fuckened little island. That CCB white fuckens claimed that they were legitimate tradesmen from government-linked companies. CCB. Currently, geniland don't even have a McDonald nor escalator yet. Just achieved independence. Good fun playing there too. My friend is a senior banker in Asia Bank. He would give a leg up there too if I so chooses. He said good food, good body guards, good hotels and good gals.

Oops! Just check the map, there is also lousyland too. So many choice.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

b.3rd Country - The Awakening (Part 4)

The last part is here:   3rd Country - The White Land is Not White

The key difference between a guy like a pinoy and a fucken is that a pinoy can just go directly to save and buy his houses in pinoyland, but a fucken can't. A fucken has no home to return to. Hence, the trick is to think through a scheme to make that happen:

The issues:
  • Freehold - This is an important criterion. Unfortunately though, many countries are closed to this type of purchase by foreigner. So a careful selection is needed. Strata properties are no good for this purpose. The properties are not well-maintained in this respect.
  • Residence - Many countries don't allow permanent residency with no investment for old fucks. Again, this must be thought through. Some residency are simply impossible.
  • Healthcare - What happen if you are sick? I am glad to say that the west is not going to give free healthcare soon enough. Hence, we are very much left on our own. Hence, the move to a third country is a must.
  • Cost of Living - Usually this is not an issue. Quite low fee.
  • Small Business - No matter how rich you are. It is unlikely to have so much money that one need not work. So a small business is good for the soul. At least dementia don't come in so soon.
The solution:
  • Fuck your way to a residency - Divorce your damn wife and marry a lass from that country. You will access to all landed properties at super low cost.
  • Investment Residency - There are already plenty of write-ups on how cheap this can be.
  • Trust a relative - As the saying goes, good luck!
The choice:
  • Stay in locality - Self-explanatory. No where else in this whole wide world is going to accept you.
  • Advanced - More advanced countries like mudland and pinoyland are more expensive. 
  • Laid-back - So if you are poor, try cheaper options like Buddhaland, muddyland, congland, camland or even budland. They are cheap and affordable. But most people still try their luck in the first option above.
  • Just stay - Who cares! There are not enough laws to prevent staying. Just stay as long as possible and find your way out. This option is for poor bastards. Somehow you can get a work permit option going soon enough. With your slightly better education, hopefully you can get by. No say, I no give answer.
Do this after you have settled your kiddos' needs.

Personal Choice:

I have already bought my first property in the 3rd country and on the way to buy the next one for rental. Soon I will be buying another commercial property for my small business. I will move in to stay after at least 10 more years in white land. Meanwhile, I still have to man my white farms, fuck them!

b.3rd Country - The White Land is Not White (Part 3)

The last part is here:   3rd Country - The Point of No Return (Part 2)

Some took the aeroplane jump into white land washing backsides and building rail roads.

Remember now that the whites are not stupid. If they allow that immigrants or migrant workers to threaten the jobs of their own kind, how can they then stay in power amongst the whites? Commonsense would have told us that we are nothing but locusts that invade their land. The whites would never allow parity. That must be the order of the day. We yellowskins would stay locusts for a long, long time to come.

The only thing the whites love is our little kiddos. They will do better than us, the old fucks. But ever then, the kiddos from the legend retold took 20% down-payment from his daddy for her big apple million hair apartment and so did her two lawyer and big accountant brothers. The kiddos fed off his daddy's dish-washing blood money. They wanted to be the Jones immediately. They can't lose. The kiddos went to ivy league varsities and now having great jobs. But, these jobs are still not as good as they get because they would never be true bosses in white companies. Sooner or later, these kiddos will scream discrimination and do the same return path too to mudland. Right now, the old daddy only travels to chinatown and back every day. He never even venture out to his own suburbs to explore the country. He refused even to speak a sentence of English. He is so home-sick. Mudland may not be any better middle kingdom land, but it gives him hope to be among the equals. He is waiting now to collect his sale money of his 50 years hardwork and buy the first air tickets home to mudland. In a way, he has never make it that rich in white land. Just a normal joe doing a joe's dish washing job, living in a joe's apartment or house.

Elsewhere. Similar stories are happening in the immigrants from large island in the east. They too are returning. One case:   The old fuck even shouted at me drunk. He said he was the scholarship holder together with the current president of that large island. That scholarship was the first scholarship given by the wife of their beloved and affectionate old president. He was then already a ceo of a huge subsidiary of the island's largest company controlled by the current president. He lamented over his lost 2 decades in white land. He is now with no sons (all returned to large island) and friendships are not real in white land.

Give you another worked example:   A yellowskin from a bigger island took residence and citizenship in white land. His daughters refused to stay. They ran back to their big island. There are simply no jobs for their white degrees. No white establishments would give nice white collar jobs to yellowskin white degree holders. So his daughters ran back to their large island and found great jobs in huge companies with lots of appreciative guys waiting to jump them. So the fairy tale did have a good ending - the gals found great jobs due to their overseas education. But, herein lies the sad part. The old folks are now left marooned in white land. No friends, no money, no decent paying jobs. Every day, they curse younger yellowskins like me who gave them nothing to sponge off. They hated that as not all new yellowskins are blur fucks. So they wildly invest in business ideas but none of that took off. Now, they have no choice but to consider deeply their shameful way home to their big island. Disgraced.

The pinoys, indyes, pakis, nigers and mudlanders all knew their game plan very well. They go to white land, work like dogs, receive nice cash and buy houses back home. In the meantime, their kiddos will have great education degrees to fight another day. They will then return home as immortals with at least 10 houses to boot.

So this migration move benefited only one party - the young-lings.

But, the bad news remained is what are you going to do? You would be old, burned-out, fuckened, marooned in a strange white land who speaks not your lingo? Your kiddos are so happy that they wouldn't even bother about your plight. Move back to that fuckened little island, you would be dead within 5 years from shit water and radioactive food poisoning.

A twist of white land fairy tale:   The white land may kill their health support plans soon. Soon you will find that the whites no longer provide health support. That's when you will feel truly fucked. Since I can't re-enter that fuckened little island, I am truly and utterly fucked.

This generation game is 50 years long wrong footing ... all would be returning in deep disgrace.

Today, a strange white caller asked me to release my church for their purchase. They will agree to any price if I am willing to sell. Deep down, I know they refused to provide the real reason - a true icon that has been stolen from them. The 100-odd years of history where they married and had their first baptism is now owned by a yellowskin. They must re-purchase it as I told them I would be converting it to a mosque anytime soon. I still want my four wives to make me happy. They go to the extent that I may exchange the church for 2 nearby houses.

I am no longer interested in paper houses ... although I still have a weakness to buy that police station that is put up for sale. I even have a post office that looks like fullerton's for sale.

I am sad that the white land is indeed not pure white ... The push for a 3rd country is now eminent ... 世界虽大,却无我容身之处.

Friday, 26 September 2014

b.3rd Country - The Point of No Return (Part 2)

The last part is here:   3rd Country - The Unexpected Journey (Part 1)

You know you have to leave if your:
  • House - is not free from encumbrance, it is just a rental for 99 years and soon to be shortened to 69 years, after that you owned nothing. Even in middle kingdom, they don't do that. Their land is not theirs, but the house is freehold though. House is you single most important asset to be passed down through the generations to ease your future generations' pain.
  • Car - is not free from encumbrance, it is just a rental for 5 or 10 years, after that you owned nothing. Even in middle kingdom, they don't do that. Car is normally your next most expensive purchase.
  • Medical - is not free. Almost every fucking country, third world or otherwise, are free for the older folks.
  • Education - is not free. Acquisition of knowledge is the single most important leveller of playing field. Take that away, you would be totally at the mercy of the present days' gods.
  • Inflation - is enforced at hyper-rate. That way, there is nothing you can save and move on. By forcing zero savings regime, its inhabitants are enslaved.
  • Death - is enforced. The CCB white fuckens made it a point to sytematically reduce the life expectancy of its inhabitants. See the number of very young people having disused arms, legs and bird-birds. By poisoning, the fuckens reduce their medical requirements. Your shit water is the number one instrument to make that happen. Soon most lost souls would not survive passed 70yo.
All of the above was made of one single purpose - enslavery of a nation. If you treasure your next generations, do them a favour - LEAVE.

Even if you have to carry grain or wash backsides in white land, you have free medicals. You don't burden your next generations over poor health in your advanced years.

Let me just sing a song ...
The song is here:   愛的代價 (張艾嘉)
愛的代價 詞曲 李宗盛
還記得年少時的夢嗎 像朵永遠不凋零的花
陪我經過那風吹雨打 看世事無常 看滄桑變化
那些為愛所付出的代價 是永遠都難忘的啊
所有真心的 痴心的話 永在我心中雖然已沒有他

走吧 走吧 人總要學著自己長大
走吧 走吧 人生難免經歷苦痛掙扎
走吧 走吧 為自己的心找一個家
也曾傷心流淚 也曾黯然心碎 這是愛的代價

也許我偶爾還是會想他 偶爾難免會惦記著他
就當他是個老朋友啊 也讓我心疼 也讓我牽掛
只是我心中不再有火花 讓往事都隨風去吧
所有真心的 痴心的話 仍在我心中雖然已沒有他 

Yes. We have no choice but to 讓往事都隨風去吧, 為自己的心找一個家.

I know it is a sad, sad day for each and every one of us here today. We have indeed come to an end of our journey on that fuckened little island. There is little we can do nor hope. We must then leave with a heavy but yet lightened heart. I would have wished it otherwise. 

It is indeed the point of no return ...

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

b.3rd Country - The Unexpected Journey (Part 1)

The last part is here:   Capital - The Generations Game

A kind visitor once visited this blog and wrote:
Yes, I read all your great articles. Please write more about the preparation of the 3rd country.

I felt nothing but pure grief. My tears just rolled non-stopped while writing this essay. We are yellowskins. But yet, where are we now? In 南洋? In 旧金山? In 纽约? Why? Why? Why?

A brief wind-back into the recent past. When 国民党 was founded by 孙中山 in 1911 and ruled middle kingdom in 1928 until its retreat to Taiwan in 1949 after being defeated by 共产党 during the Chinese Civil War. 国民党 was committed to the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty and the establishment of a republican government. During this rule, middle kingdom was nothing but pure grief. The party was pure corrupt. 孙中山 was nothing but just a puppet on the string. During its rule, citizenry was committed to eating roots and skins from trees. There was no food. Every piece of food was robbed from its people. Hence, when 共产党 was trying to come into prominence, people had no choice but to agree with the new party. The fucking 共产党 just gave small scraps of food to share with the people and waohla, 共产党 was the new boss. The rest was simply history written by the victor.

The first fortunate yellowskins arrived in the United States around 1820, who wanted to make their fortune up to 1849-era California Gold Rush. The yellowskins did not, however, only come for the gold rush in California, but also helped build the First Transcontinental Railroad. These were rich yellowskins. Also with regard to the legal situation, the yellowskins were by far more badly posed in the US than most other ethnic minorities. They had to pay special taxes (all foreign miners had to pay a tax of $20 a month), were not allowed to marry white European partners and could not acquire U.S. citizenship.

For the poorer yellowskins, they have no choice but to settle in nearer places called 南洋.

Why you ask? It was a sad story that we, yellowskins, have no choice but to leave our home and seek a better fortune beyond the middle kingdom.

That is the reason why these yellowskins were hapless and subjected themselves to the harsh foreign environment hoping to make a simple living.

Hence, when the white fuckens gave these yellowskins a shelter and food. They were eternally grateful to the government-of-the-day. For those who still know your forebears, so how they described the taste of tree barks. They worked hard. They knew that they prefer peace than conflict. Further with the lack of proper education, their blind faith was fooled totally by the white fuckens (the oldest fucken is a 4th generation decedent, very established and very rich, he was born rich, married into more money and then grabbed power, no poor bastard can go to a good foreign university with zero government scholarship in 1940s).

Soon their hard work would be totally robbed clean by the white fuckens. Sad. I know. I hope within my life time I can help some people moved to a new place. Even saving just one is good enough for me.

That fuckened little island has gone to the pigs. One must move out the soonest.

The unexpected journey to a 3rd country has begun (at least for bro seeker) ...

Monday, 22 September 2014

b.Grotesque Printing of Fiat Money

The last part is here:   Exploration - Fiat Currency

I know this is a much discussed topic and everyone has their own angle. I am now thinking hard about mine.

When a government-of-the-day operates, she has to pay her loyal subjects and servants month after month increasingly. How to pay them? Well, the best way is to print cheap but pretty IOUs like fiat money. In return, how to make it legal? Well, by asking the citizenry that she needs to be paid taxes by way of accepting these fiat money too. This becomes the central theme to the employment of fiat money.

Well too, most governments-of-the-day run a deficit most of the time, unlike the white fuckens. Hence, the white fuckens' currency tends to be quite strong. But, unfortunately, the white fuckens love to gamble. It was too easy as there was no accountability. The white fuckens lost big time in 2009. The white fuckens then had no choice but to start filling the big hole. They do so by printing more fiat money and inflate all prices to try to reduce the impact of their big losses of $360bn. Indeed, the white fuckens have to a certain extent succeeded. But, the hardship imposed on the citizenry was horrendous. That is another bedtime story for another time.

This grotesque printing of fiat money has only one effect: inflation. In inflation, the prices are made very high, but yet the consumption is very low. The wages are stagnant and every citizen will restrict consumption, commonly known as stagflation.

In the usual boom-and-bust cycle, real estate prices will go up during boom and comes down during bust. But, this bizarre printing of fiat money masks this trend. property prices will seem to be only going up. How does one know then that it is indeed a good time to buy? The only sign left is not so much huge drop in price, but the presence of gap-downs, i.e., buyers are not willing to buy at the sellers' price nor the sellers willing to take the buyers' offer. Very often, this is characterized by extremely low transaction volumes.

With the inflated property prices, one should not be surprised that I now may have to turn my back on one of my most fundamental mantras: no loans.

I have no choice but to admit that with the new twist in the tale, one would never be able to save money fast enough to overcome inflation. So buying properties have to be supported initially by bank loans.

We have to go back now and shake hands with the evil powers. It is interesting as to how this game plan will play out.

When borrowing, do be careful in not over-stretching one's purchase power. It is good to buy a property at less than 10% one's true purchase power. Else, one would be over-stretching when hard times hit again.

At 10% true purchase power, the banks are more than willing to lend. Even in the hard time, these cheap-cheap properties may be sold if necessary to recover some purchasing powers.

The last thing I would like to suggest: Never refinance your properties no matter how tempting is the bank offer. Your properties have already crossed the bridge and enjoying the cake. Don't risk them again over bank loans.

Good Luck!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

b.Education - Bluff A Lifetime of Wealth

The last part is here:   A Legend Re-Told All Over Again

~!@#!$#%$&^%*&^(*&)(*_) later ...

A friend just called my bluff. She said if education is not important in my latest essay. Then, why did I said education was important in my other essays? Isn't that fucking contradictory?

To me, education represents a form of thinking, 思维 (Capital - Inner Core). I would like to leave it at that. Education must transcend all earthly aspirations.

For a minimum degree holder, a bachelor degree will allow the guy to break free from the mother's apron tie. His 思维 will enable him to learn things independently. He does not need help from any quarters. He is his own man. Given enough thinking, he will be able to solve his own problem-sum.

In white land, unless one is groomed to be politician or statesman, education is nothing more than an entry to jobs. They are not at all in the 思维 class.  Together with racism, you can't really do very well in white jobs. Do remember in my recent memories, only Wang laboratories (1951-1992) did chinaman proud. Not even yahoo! Therefore, to succeed in white land as a chinaman is impossible. So don't try. Even then, why does one need to do so well as to be a named entity?
  • If one were to migrate at 0-30 yo (following parents), then good class education will allow one to be rich fastest. Have a good early start. You may buy white properties at will but limiting to just 1-2 maximum. You can't take hardship. One's life is too easy and one simply can't stoop low and work hard. If one is willing to be a doctor of sorts, the money is even faster. Most whites are ultra lazy and depended on the state for food. They are very poor. Many don't even have a passport to travel.
  • If one were to migrate at 30-50 yo (as a main bread-winner), then god blessed you. One's previous qualifications are fucked. So no education to talk about, hence one needs a legend to boot, i.e., pure fucking hard work for 50 years. One will have to work at menial tasks shunt by the whites. Can one take it? The money is so small that one has only enough to feed the body and shelter. The left-over is so small that one can't even contemplate buying any white property. It is simply not enough. That's why the whites are so willing to approve your immigration. Savvy?
  • If one were to migrate at 50-60 yo (as a rich man), then truly there is nothing to worry about except for deportation. Spend enough residence time and pay one's taxes, the government-of-the-day will love one deep deep.
Most of us unfortunately belongs to the sandwich class 30-50yo. So pick one's fight and game the world.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

b.A Legend Re-Told All Over Again

The last part is here:  The Generations Game - Worked Example

I would like to extend my theory:   The total length of Man is Constant.

Many of the parents always like to advise their children to study hard and get a desk job and make huge money and live happily ever after.

There is nothing wrong with the above statement. It just sounded wrong with my theory. I therefore would like to restate my theory:

The total length of Man is ABSOLUTELY CONSTANT.

A current example:
This 25yo mudlander guy went to USA and jumped aeroplane. He hid in all kind of corners and worked like a scavenger. Deep down inside him, he knew he was nobody. But, he worked hard. He worked in all kind of conditions. The best part is that he got a chance to even get married. he had kids and he then worked as a chinese cook (well, that's all one can try their luck in anyway, to stay in the kitchen and stay unseen). He cooked and he cooked. He then started his own restaurant business years later and now in his 70s. He had spent 50 fucking years doing that same thing. His restaurant is one of the best in the city. He exploited his chineseman workers. He is damn rich now. His last wish before he extinguishes is to return to mudland and die. With his restaurant and bungalows, he is by no means poor. He will do well in mudland after 50 fucking years. He only visited his mudland twice in his lifetime. That's how hard he has worked. He intended to liquidate all his current assets and return home to mudland as a hero. His kids were all married and have kiddos too. If they so choose, they may return to mudland with him. With their great overseas education to boot, they will do fine in mudland too. This is how foresightful this bloke was. He had sponsored all his kids to the best education one can hope to get in white land (The Ivy League).

The pinoys are no different. The pinoys are also very intelligent. They do shit jobs in foreign countries but they earn big time in local terms. They too will return to pinoyland richly retired. This again tells a great intelligence in man. They do jobs like nurses cleaning asses in white land that make 3 times what a McDonald store manager will make running the burger store.

By having a super degree from super varsities is no better than to work thyself in shit holes. Both are equally if not more rewarding than all these white collared jobs.

Therefore, tengri is fair. He gave every one an equal opportunity. The problem is whether one is willing to do that shit for 50 straight years.

For all those kiddos out there, if one can't do good shit. It is A-OK. One can still try to do bad shit for 50 years. One would come out A-OK too.

Therefore, if one has kiddos. Please don't chide them if they screw up in their academic studies. They will do OK in good soil.

Finally, my riddle for you:
How then do you play that fuckened Little Island Game? You may make some money in white land, but your hard work cannot be rewarded by re-investing that small sums of money in that fuckened little island. LOL ... Nice Nice Riddle ...

That fuckened little island had converted every thing tangible to rentals. That's how beautiful the riddle is. Solve this riddle, I can assure you that you would be ahead in your generations game. Meantime, do chill and find that fucking way out ... It is never too late ...

I wish every one a happy mid-autumn day. May all true love be rewarded with equally true love. May all fakies be rewarded with equally great fakies.

Monday, 8 September 2014

p.The Meaning of Hope

The last part is here:   Holocaust II - Dr Calhoun's experiment on humans

I have not been writing much as I see no new materials that matter.

But, now I see a slight distress from The Broken Dream.

Sigh! The human race is a bastard. Its own worst enemy is the fellow humans themselves. So how can one seek council from their own kind. It is important that one realises the grim truth than to hide their heads in the sand and hope like hell they will come across a kind soul. Sorry, babe, no chance.

This might be a long post as I have not been writing much, so a little constipation at work.

What I am writing is only my view and one should just take what I wrote with a huge dose of salty garbage.

Let's take it one step at a time:
  • Migrate to a white land (or foreign land) - This is of zero choice. You continued to stay in that fucken little island, one day, you will be sucked bone-dry and your spare parts sold not in your name. Meantime, better don't fall sick. Therefore, take heart that it was a good initial decision. Let's take a recent story - A pinoy aged 40-50yo migrated to white land. He makes 3.5k per month. He don't buy any property in white land. He just saved like hell and made use of the milk bottle money to feed his daughters for super good angmo education. He understood that in 10-15 years, he would return to pinoy land to retire. He and his brothers in pinoy land was planning to build apartment blocks in his home town for rentals. Smart boy. He understood that what he made in white land would never be enough to buy any damn thing reasonably. All the good jobs were taken by the whites and he was an unqualified nobody doing fuck-all menial tasks which the whites shunt. That's jobs available for Asians in general. See: His education was only diploma in warehousing but he exhibited intelligence beyond his education level. He deserved to win in the end. He never complain once about the hard menial task he was undertaking. His savings were 4 months of his former salary pure cash for every month he worked and saved.
  • Working for Others - There is not a single chance that one can make it, unless one is young and educated (qualified) in the white land from the word go. Even between provinces, they stopped auto-conversion and transfer of qualifications. But, starting to work for others must be the humble first step for fresh immigrants. Stay away from being employed by fellow Asians or yellowskins. They would be more fuckened that the little white fuckens. Therefore, move towards doing business as soon as possible.
  • Saving for Property Investments - Buying a small place to stay near the place of work is important but not truly necessary. Rentals are still too cheap to start the business of property buying. Further, most white properties are made of paper. So maintenance would be too high and it's worth nothing if one must pay so much for a paper house. Do remember the three piglets story with the big bad wolf. Don't let the dream clouds one's vision.
  • Investment in Properties - There are a million place around the world for cheap and good property investments. One just need to think very hard if one's keen to invest in properties. Buying a property near the work place is great but not absolutely a must. Who knows? Tomorrow one might find a new better paying job and one has to move.
  • The Myth of Expensive Property - Buying something that is so expensive that the banks are involved is a true joke. Why burn one's life candle for the luxury of a paper house? Buy concrete or pure land lah!
  • That Fuckened Little Island - For the pinoy story I highlighted. He can be made clever. He worked in a white land, he made 40-50 times his foreign exchange (do read up my essay on foreign exchange, a yellowskin engineer is paid the same in cash terms as the white engineer in white land) in salary. He saved like hell and he was able to transfer that forex advantage back home. But, fuckened little islanders can't do that. So this is a cute little puzzle that one has to solve. Savvy?

Caveat Emptor:
I didn't lay out the actual investment strategy one can undertake. One has to do their own home work. Recently I had a 25yo pinoy wanting to ask for advice. I asked her what's on her mind? She said I am one of the most frank strangers she has met, she wanted me to be her foster father. "Sugar daddy?" I asked. She said no. She already had a boyfriend back in pinoy land. She clarified that she just need me to pamper her, take care of her, buy things, give her advice on investment ideas, ferry her to and from huge shopping malls. I swallowed hard. I never knew pinoy land also got golden pussies. 

What I did was to just ignore her totally. She then cried to me every day, saying that she missed home and wanted to go home. I replied calmly that she can go home for all I care. I am no easy meat.

She then tried to rub her tiny titties on me ... Sigh ... Honey traps exist even in a god-forsaken place like my igloo?

If you still believe that you have a broken dream? Think again. Imagined you are still stuck in that fuckened little island? Small or no means to compete with the white richie richs? Then fight them not on local terms but open your horizon and do an OTHT - Over-The-Horizon-Targeting on them. Notice some of these whites never even go to the other cities for shopping. They are also truly poor.

Friday, 22 August 2014

p.Pang Sai - A Very Popular Sport

What a wonderful sight ... It was such a nostalgic moment in time ...

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

p.Tengri is Not Nice ...

The last part is here:   Sigh! Another Blank

Sigh! Tengri gave me something nice today and yet slapped me again in another. I can never have double happiness.

!@@#%$#%^$^&%&*^&*%^$ ...

Road I believe is walked by common people. I am common. I hope I am common. Maybe through common-ness that I can find the unusual-ness of me.

Today I got played out right by an agent. Fuck him and fuck her. But, the world is round. What goes round must comes round. I sincerely hope that the thousands they made are worth every bit of their characters.

Since I didn't lose a single cent in this transaction, only a lost opportunity, may tengri gave me a sign as to which I should conquer next. I must admit I was also a little rash today for going so high.

The next one is in 3 days' time ... smile ...

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

p.Nicholas Tse Words of Wisdom

The last part is here:   Strategy - The Art of Anger Management

1. 人在的时候 ,以为来日方长什么都有机会, 其实人生是减法, 见一面,少一面。 The reality of life is that whenever someone comes into our lives, someone else is bound to leave – usually a person we didn’t treasure when they were around.

2. 别人怎么看你, 和你毫无关系, 你要怎么活 ,也和别人毫无关系。 You cannot control how others view you. They cannot control how you live either.

3. 面子到底多少钱一斤,我们为什么要在乎别人的看法。 Why should we care how others view us. Is our ‘face’ worth its weight in gold?

4. 有一天你会明白,善良比聪明更难。聪明是一种天赋,而善良是一种选择。 One day, you will understand that being kind is harder than being smart. Being smart is a natural-born talent, being kind is a choice we make.

5. 不闻不问不一定是忘记了,但一定是疏远了,彼此沉默太久就连主动都需要勇气。 After a friendship has grown silent, it takes courage to reconnect two friends who have not forgotten each other.

6. 不要在心情糟烂差的时候, 用决绝的话伤害爱你的人。 You say the most hurtful things to your loved ones when you are in a bad mood. Don’t.

7. 有时候,没有下一次,没有机会重来,没有暂停继续。有时候,错过了现在,就永远永远的没机会了 。 Sometimes, there are no do-overs or second chances; once you miss something, it is gone forever.

8. 用心甘情愿的态度,去过随遇而安的生活。 Be adaptable and have a willing attitude in life.

9. 所有的问题都是自己的问题。 Out of all the problems in the world, you decide which ones become your own problems.

10. 有时候,我们明明原谅了那个人,却无法真正快乐起来,那是因为,你忘了原谅自己。 Sometimes, even after forgiving our trespassers, we are still unhappy. That is because we forget to forgive ourselves.

11. 一个人有生就有死,但只要你活着,就要以最好的方式活下去。可以没有爱情,没有名牌,但不能没 有快乐。 As long as you are alive, live in the best way possible. You can live without love or branded goods, but you can’t live without happiness.

12. 其实,人都是很贱的,爱你宠你的人你不稀罕,对你冷若冰霜的却是穷追不舍。最后搞的遍体鳞伤的 还是自己。 Humans are all capricious. We don’t cherish those who love us and we crave those who ignore us. In the end, we hurt only ourselves.

13. 不要的东西, 再好也是垃圾 No matter how good something is, it will still be trash in our eyes if we don’t want it in the first place.

14. 如果你没瞎, 就别用耳朵去了解我。 Understand me through my actions, not through the rumours you hear of me.

15. 真正的牛逼不是你认识多少人,而是你患难的时候还有多少人认识你。 Being truly great is not about how many people you know, but how many friends you have when you are down and out.

16. 那些不需要解释的事情, 从你张嘴那一刻起 ,你已经输了。 In an argument that doesn’t need any explanation, you lose when you try to explain yourself.

17. 很多人闯进你的生活,只是为了给你上一课,然后转身离开。 Many people enter your life to give you a lesson and they leave shortly after.

18. 距离,产生的不是美,而是诠释了不堪一击的爱情。 Distance in a relationship does not create beauty, but it explains the fragility of the relationship.

19. 人生烦恼就12个字:放不下、想不开、看不透、忘不了。 Life’s troubles in 12 words: When one is unable to let go of situations beyond his control.

20. 女人没魅力才觉得男人花心,男人没实力才觉得女人现实。 When a woman no longer has charm, she will think that men are all players. When a man has no capabilities, he will think that women are materialistic.

21. 慢慢的,长大了,却感觉变沉默了,懂得多了,却不快乐了。 You quieten down as you grow older, you learn more as well, but you grow unhappy.

22. 明明不是陌生人,却装的比陌生人还陌生。 We are clearly not strangers, but we behave more distant than strangers to each other.

23. 跟自己说声对不起,这些年一直没学会爱自己。 You owe yourself an apology for all those years you have not learnt to love yourself.

24. 在乎才会乱想,不在乎连想都不会想。 People worry only because they care. They give no thoughts to things they have no care for.

My Comments:

Based on his comments, he must have been hurt real bad by the one gal he met and truly loved. With these words, I respect him even more. He was born of poor circumstances, but he grit on.

Do give him time, I am sure he will dazzle. May I wish him every success in whatever he aspires.

We all are victims of our own success. Unfortunately, it is only during when we finally failed that we finally realise our mistakes. Now I only just want to live.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

p.What a Strange Way to End (2016)?

The last part is here:   The Oracle of Omaha of the East has Spoken

I have frequently asked the question:   What is the opposite of love?

The answer I got was not "hate", but "strangeness". If I not longer love a person, I will never hate her, but to treat her just like another passer-by. It is a strange way to end.

Sometimes I do admire a certain old, old fucken, he once said, "I am sure about 2011, but am not so sure about 2016." How powerful and accurate is his mastery! Man of his intellect, if he has deployed his intelligence to helping the weak ones, the society would have blessed him to no ends. But, unfortunately he has no scruples, he used instead his the-other-half - cunning to serve his ends.

What he gets in return is nothing more than a bad name. Like any other yellowskin, he couldn't serve a better god. Now he's on the road of no-return. He simply couldn't reverse a mistake he participated so passionately.

I was once in the stock market, I noticed if no one talked about it, it happened. But, when every one talked about it, it wouldn't. Now I noticed no one talked about 2016. I am afraid it will happen.

It is going to be unfortunate. A sad passing on. You may amass a zillion, but who do you pass it on to?

In reality, this old fucken reminded of a guy I used to know. He was super competitive and more than willing to show off. He had a good and super rich wife and the only son-in-law in the empire. But, he was not happy. He couldn't lord over his missy. So instead, he took frequent business trips to his kept mistress and drank soups. He had an empty large hole to fill. Everytime I talked to him, he was always that aggressive and vengeful guy. He fought every inch of his ground but to lose it all. He doesn't even value his friendships over money. Their likeness was amazing.

I wouldn't say I am currently better off than before. But, at least, I am free to do things I like to do and travel to strange lands to measure my worth.

So tengri, please be nice? I am going in again this week. So give me a small break. I need that. I have been waiting for this little break for more than 6 months already. Thank you in advance. I promise I will do gooder when I return to that little fucken island next.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

p.This Behaviour Must Promote Lah

This behaviour must promote lah ... Shit is an important event you know! More jobs created too ... cleaning station ... securitization ... toilet upgrade ... Love every minute of it ...

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

p.Sigh! Another Blank

The last part is here:   Capital - How Did It All Begin

!@#$$#@$%#%$&^%*&^*(&() ...

Sigh! Another bad outing ...

Fuck them ... I am going in again for another week ...

Bad tengri, bad ...

Better bless me lah ...

Sunday, 10 August 2014

p.Happy Birthday?

It used to be a proud moment for many.

I have lost it, many of my friends have lost it. A place once called home is no longer. Very difficult to accept in the first place, but reality has to push me to accept the inevitable.

After 10 years, I should be able to acclimatise into my new environment. There is no magic in this. Just need time.

I now feel like my forebears who took the hardest route to quit another fuckened place.

Every decision is necessarily painful and remote to success.

Hope that the task gets easier each time.

Aug 12 is an important day. May my great tengri serves me a break. If I am successful, I promise to be good.

Actually I can't wait to return to my birth place and hope to help some people. It may not be much. But it should be a good start. My means are humble but who cares about the humility. It is the heart that counts.

Through the years, people from my birth place had become plastic. It is sad but I still believe I owe it to the older generations for nurturing me to what I am today. I may not be much but I do feel a connection to my past. Maybe this sanity keeps me coming back time and again to meet those faces. Those familiar faces.

I believe I am feeling more rooted. May all those who are still struggling like me be at peace. Let time be your guardian. Rome was never build in a day.

Friday, 25 July 2014

p.Holocaust II - People are Dying Off Like Flies

The last part is here:   Holocaust II - Rebecca and Gabriel Loh

55 – 59 1300 8.0% 
60 – 64 1636 10.1% 
65 – 69 1704 10.5% 
70 – 74 2166 13.4% 
75 – 79 2461 15.2% 
80 – 84 2649 16.3% 
85 & over 4297 26.5%
TOTAL 16213 100.0% 

Abnormalities in Japanese monkeys linked to Fukushima nuclear disaster Published time: July 25, 2014 03:18 Japan

Monkeys living in the wild in the Fukushima region have tested positive for blood abnormalities linked to radioactive fallout from the 2011 nuclear power plant disaster, according to a new report. ... and the idiot invited food to be imported for fuckens from the same source. 

I didn't check these numbers, but if they are true. Then ... How can those 躝癱 do such heinous act and still sleep well at night? It is a sad day. 屌你老母臭化閪 ...扑你个街 ... These 冇屎忽畜类 really 衰到贴地. 偷呃拐骗, 生安白造 ... everything also can do.  冚家剷吾係粗口, 扑你個臭街都唔係, 屌鳩撚柒閪先係. Surely this is such a sorry state for fuckens. May all their off-springs of 冇屎忽畜类 die a thousand deaths.

The numbers simply meant by age 84, 73.5% of the population would have died off. No medicals needed. 冚家剷 ... In order to keep the population from aging, the fuckens introduced genocides. 躝癱 ... The fuckens knew the aging population will introduce medical needs, so they engineered a genocide by killing off people with cancers and deadly diseases. Stress, toilet water and stained food, just to name a few. 屌你老母臭化閪 ... One day ... Just one day ... May your fucken offsprings enjoy the same karmic treatment:   gals become prostitutes and guys become slaves for unending generations to come. You think you can have it easy huh? My deepest Congratulations to your future generations.

One of the most interesting jokes I have manufactured is that I had stopped dinning in chinaman restaurants or shops. They can live or die for all I care ... Life is so interesting. No need to interact with them. They provide none of the services I desired.

In the end, I am now at peace with myself. So truly interesting ... By being away, I am now home.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

p.A Twist in the Tale (Part II)

The last part is here:   A Twisted Road Ahead

Everything is driven by money and yet everything is not driven by money.

I just lost another auction ... fuck them ... the norms didn't apply ...

There were 4 bidders and the price went up by 18% which is not supposed to be the case. The increase in bidding was unusual. I have budgeted for 11% increase (Just 1% percent above the 10% norm, because I like the property). With only 0-5 bidders, theoretically I was supposed to get it by 10% increase in price. But shit do hit the wall.

Well ... A miss is a miss. No love lost.

The next auction is first week August. I will find a better bargain there then.

My micro-analysis is:

There were 4 bidders. The starting 1st bid was at the reserve price (+0%). A 2nd up-bid was done (+5%). Followed by my 3rd bid (+11%) and lastly 4th bid (+18%). I didn't up-bid as I felt it was not worth it. All 4 bidders has bidded.

Basically, I wouldn't fight it.

I found that if there are 4 bidders, there would be 4 bids. Simple.

Fuck ... Let's prepare for the 1st week Aug bid.

I am still feeling restrictive. Cannot overbid and fall in love with the properties I viewed.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

b.Before You Gear, Watch Your Waist-Line

The last part is here:   The Best of Both Worlds (Loan)

The bank is basically a bitch. It is never a friend.

Some suggested that if I become too big to fail, the bank will be my friend. There is no such thing. The bank is run by human staff and human staff are prone to corrupt, i.e., these staff will bankrupt you officially, raid and take away your properties and hard-earned cash and then tell all their relatives to bid for the cheap properties to be auctioned coming online. This is how these human bank staff cheat. Don't blame them, they are just good at their job. There is no need to build a good relationship with them. When the time is ripe, they will turn asshole bandits. They will line their pockets with your ills. No amount of good relationship will avoid that raid.

How then to avoid an asshole bandit raid?
  • Property Price:   This is the number one killer. So buy property that has a true rental value and rate it. If the rental goes down, what could happen? Can you still lower the rental till it click "rentable" again? With this in mind, never buy a property during a bull market, no matter how tempting.
  • Rental Return:   This is a must if you are into rental yield. The only time you don't talk about rental yield is your own house, but even then, you are talking about the possibility of renting your basement apartment away at all times. The rental yield should cover 150% of the instalment. Tall order? You bet. There must be a buffer in the event you need to lower the rental to rent the property out.
  • Commercial?   Never get involved with commercial property. Commercial properties are not only expensive to collect. They are prone to not having a rental for a long time during a down time. Never be tempted even if the rental yield is 20%. Residential is still the safest.
  • Land:   There shall be no gearing when buying land. Lands are hard to rent. But they give the best pleasures.
  • Paying Instalment On-Time:   Never miss a single instalment. Don't give the bank an excuse to close on you. It helps but asshole bandits are the bad ones, not the banking system.
  • Refinancing:    Never refinance your loan. You may transfer it from bank to bank, but never increase the gearing just because your property has risen in value. Let the property rise in value. So even if there is a recall by the bank. The bank will usually starts with the property that is out-of-money rather than in-the-money. They can't recall a loan that is in-the-money all the time, i.e., no matter how bad the market is, your property is still worth more than the bank loan. That way, the asshole bandits would not be able to raid it as you have an easy time servicing the instalment, due to the low gearing. In the event, your property is raided, don't despair, you are still positive. You are allowed to restart with zero to no risk. Asshole bandits hate these group of property owners. They are so blameless and pay instalment on time. They have no good opportunity with them.
  • Buy Only On the Down Cycle:   This is surest way to protect yourself against the asshole bandits. They were willing to lend you because they need your loan as their key-performance-indicator. So win-win.
  • In the Event of a Raid:   Sell off the worst performers first. Try your best not to sell off your better performers. Don't do it the other way round. It is going to be tempting.
All being said, good luck to one and all ...

Property investment remains the best way out of poverty. It is very easy to get real rich very fast, but the converse is also true. It can made poor a guy real fast too. So if you need to gear, play it real safe. Buy properties at only 5-15% of your cash flow. Time-line your property investment, i.e., don't buy all at one shot. Buy one at a time and let the new one settles down before moving again.

The property price is running away ...  This is only true in a bull run. So stay the fuck-out. Otherwise, you can mostly take your time.

While you are it, use some of the rental yield to fund your luxury. It doesn't hurt to enjoy a little more.

Fly MH now. It is so cheap.

b.The Best of Both Worlds (Loan)

The last part is here:   xox - Fuck-You-Up Loans

Sometime back I have always suggested no bank loans.

But with the cute and long depression underway, we are living in interesting times.

With the deep, deep, deep depression, property prices are very, very, very low. They are going down every now and then. In fact, one must learn to understand the psychic of the banks. Banks are now at very low confidence about the economy. They are not lending in big ways. Hence, if you have a solid job or strong cash flow, the banks will love you deep deep. But, they are still not lending.

There must therefore be a balance here.

Step 1:   Firm up your cash flow, say $200 per month. The bank only likes to lend only at $66 the amount (1/3). Further half that to just 15% of your monthly cash flow, i.e., $30 of $200.

Step 2:   Approach a bank and based on your $30 cash flow, find out how much you can afford to borrow from the bank, say $X.

Step 3:    Locate a property of say $2X-1.5X. Offer the owner $X. This is called a gap-down. You give the owner a rude gap-down. Some will bite. many don't. Be patient and don't fall in love with every property you visit. There is no property that one must buy. Be very, very slow in the acquisition.

Step 4:   Attend every single auction sale. Feel the fire-sale market.

Step 5:   Once you get it, renovate and rent it out for cash flow. It should be in the range of 15% and above. This is a trying times for most businesses. So a good yield is important, i.e., people can afford to rent but not buy, cos they are now poor bastards.

Step 6:   Once settled, the rental is stable and you feel no stress in cash flow and loan repayments. Go for the next purchase of another property. Talk to another bank and repeat the cycle. This next bank usually will feel extremely comfortable with you, even though you are already geared in your first property. Some countries don't even care about your other properties. They just worry about your current purchases. In white land, you can throw them back the keys if you don't like what you bought and no adverse repercussions.

In summary, the property prices are now very low. Banks are very careful in their lending, that means they are now very safe to borrow. There is little or no risk in loan defaults as the properties are priced "very" reasonably and hence, the yield (rental) is strong. One can foresee no issue in loan servicing.

It is for this reason I support the use of gearing, i.e., borrow from banks. Use it wisely. Don't over-gear.