Friday, 13 June 2014

p.Things Take Time

The last part is here:   The Path To Be

Always I try to rush, rush, rush. Not every time I could end well. Always things that I have rushed ended not so ideal. The results are nonetheless so-so.

The best results are always things that I don't even noticed and concerned with. Maybe because these assets were fully paid up and there was no need for concern. In the end, these assets became so pleasingly lucrative.

Now I am very stuck. I have great plans to acquire a big piece this winter (I love winter, winter is a very sad time for everyone) and I do have the dollars for it. But, hmmm ... There are so many options. Some are great for long term, but short on short term. Some are great for short term, but weak in longer term. 取舍, what a lovely combination.

As an investor, 取舍 is so important that even if you 取, it doesn't mean you will win. OR 舍, it doesn't mean you will lost them all. One has to conserve bullets, all the time, but yet at the same time, must find a way to regenerate these bullets. So very interesting.

My current problem is I simply don't have enough shorts to generate my longs. But, if I concentrate on my shorts, I would miss out on the longs. 16 years from 2009 is a very short time. A 5-year time has already gone. I may not have enough cash to close all my deals.

Interesting time ahead ...

I hope one day I have gained enough to start my support group to those that have helped me along my path. They may not know that they have helped me. But I can't feign my knowledge. This is down-right disgusting. I pray for their good health and happiness.

These people are not stupid. They lay no blame on the fuckens. They only accept what fate has delivered. I respect their guts to face life in its starkness. In truth, how many people are so honest like them. I didn't help enough this last round. I will try to do better the next round.

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