Wednesday, 20 August 2014

p.Tengri is Not Nice ...

The last part is here:   Sigh! Another Blank

Sigh! Tengri gave me something nice today and yet slapped me again in another. I can never have double happiness.

!@@#%$#%^$^&%&*^&*%^$ ...

Road I believe is walked by common people. I am common. I hope I am common. Maybe through common-ness that I can find the unusual-ness of me.

Today I got played out right by an agent. Fuck him and fuck her. But, the world is round. What goes round must comes round. I sincerely hope that the thousands they made are worth every bit of their characters.

Since I didn't lose a single cent in this transaction, only a lost opportunity, may tengri gave me a sign as to which I should conquer next. I must admit I was also a little rash today for going so high.

The next one is in 3 days' time ... smile ...

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