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b.孫子兵法 (計篇第一) (Chapter 1 - 3) (Part 4)

    ,二 地,
    者, ,死 ,智 也。
    用, ,遠 之, 之勝
    ;多 勝負

Some translation suggested:
"The Moral Law causes the people to be in complete accord with their ruler, so that they will follow him regardless of their lives, undismayed by any danger."

The very first common factor SunTzu is - the Moral Law. 

The word "道" actually means the way. Therefore, interpreting it as the word "moral law" is wrong. There is no morals in our lives. We will steal if we are hungry. We will rob if we are desperate. We will cheat if we have nothing to lose. There is therefore no morals in the human beings. Any so-called morals are rules laid down by the leaders to extract compliance from their plebians. One example in time is the rule of one man-one woman marriage arrangement. By having this rule, it ensures that plebian man will fight against another plebian man for that coveted one and plebian woman will fight against plebian woman for that strong alpha male. A man regardless of marriage status will mount another woman if she allows it. There is simply no morals.

Meantime, the all-powerful leaders are busy doing what they know best, to bed every single willing women in sight. They have no worries about discovery as no one can even rule against them. They are the law and they are the immortals that walk amongst the mortals.

SunTzu put this as the first and forthmost factor is to explain that in everything we do. We must consider our way of life. I would rather use the word "dignity". We must live our life in dignity. That's the reason why most invading armies unless they are absolute overwhelming in numbers and weaponry, the invaders are bound to lose.

During my military days, I was always taught to fight (invade) by having at least a 3-to-1 ratio. Even with this ratio, a deeply entrenched defence is very hard to take out. Hence, for any country, it is impossible to prepare for advancing invasions, but one can really prepare for defence. One can build tunnels, missile silos, barb wires, hardened bunkers, munition dumps well ahead during peace time. But, we can never lay bridges or pathways deep into enemy territories to advance our interest during peace time.

We must therefore lay our way of life in a dignified manner we want it to be. We exist because we have earned our rights to exist. Over 200,000 years of specie existence, our genes have survived till today is that we have passed that trial of life. We can now stake our claims for existence.

SunTzu suggested that once we have determined our dignified way of life. Every one belonging to the same dignity will rise to occasion for war. There will be no fear and no regret. Such mind-fucks are powerful adrenalin to arm.

Similarly in business terms, we must first determine our way of business. We must deliver our purpose in life. If we want to be a deep-fried-noodle cook, we make sure we are the very best the world can find. No seconds, no thirds ... just the very best. No doubt it is an aspiration all the time. But, we need to determine our way of life. Only through clearly defined business entity can we chart our way.

NEVER build a business based on multiple ideas. IT WILL FAIL. There is only one way - YOUR WAY.

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