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g.Story - The Challenge of Trust

Not my Story: 

I would just like to take this opportunity to share with all the married men here about my own life and hope that they can learn from my own misfortune.

I married my gf when I was 26. She was a typical average looking and conservative gal. We didn’t have any premarital sex and intimacy was confined to just kissing and hugging. I was looking forward to my new life and eagerly waiting for our first love making session. I was terribly disappointed. There was hardly any foreplay and we only did it in missionary. It was all over in 5 mins and the only BJ I got was she blowing a good night kiss to me. I accepted that and thought maybe she was tired. However, to my disappointment, things never improved.

For the next 5 years, sex was the same. Strip, kiss, missionary and sleep. Despite everything I did to persuade her to improve on our sex life, the answer was the same negative one. All this while, I pampered her with love, care, concern and luxury. I was 100% faithful and didn’t even hang out with friends. I admitted I was also very busy with work as I struggled to earn more to give her a better life but I was always around at night even though it might be past 11pm and weekends were thoroughly free to spend with her. However, despite doing all these, I never could change her. She would still be conservative in both her dressing and in our activity in bed. In fact, she wouldn’t even buy any nighties to wear at home, no matter how hard I tried to coax her.

I even bought a small car for her own use on our fourth wedding anniversary which made her happy but when I presented her the second gift, a simple nightie, she refused to wear it and threw it away a few weeks later. I was very much in love with her and continued to accept all these without once fooling outside. I was committed to my marriage and I told myself that if I love her, I need to accept all the good and bad of her.

Things started to change after 5 years of marriage. She started to buy clothing that was sexier like low cut dresses or camisole. She even started buying nightie, which she put on when we had sex. I was happy and thought that she had finally relented and was now trying to make me happy. Sex was still the same and BJ was still in non-existence but I was contended. I convince myself that over time, she would become more adventurous. However, things didn’t improve over the next 3 years.

Everything was the same. I became frustrated again but I told myself to be patient if I love her. Everything went about as usual until one day; I went home in the afternoon to have a change of clothing as the one I was wearing was dirtied. As I was looking for a new shirt to wear, I suddenly realized that one of her nightie was missing from the wardrobe.

I normally didn’t pay much attention to such things but somehow, that day, something just triggered me. I went about to the washing area and confirm it was neither been washed nor in the dirty laundry. Even then, I didn’t suspect a single thing. I even told myself that maybe she had wore it under her clothing to work and told myself for being silly. I forgot about the whole thing until I went home that night. It was late and she was already sleeping. I changed into my tees and shorts after my bath and brought my clothing out to the laundry basket. Just out of curiosity, I searched the basket for the missing nightie and didn’t see it. It was also not hung out to dry and I was feeling a bit uneasy.

Quietly, I went back to our bedroom and open the wardrobe. I found that nightie hanging inside. I took it out and went into the bathroom. I could see it was fairly crumbled, showing signs that it has been worn and there was her distinct perfume smell on it. My mind began to wonder. It was cleared it had been worn by her today so why didn’t she throw it for washing? I put everything back in place and went to bed. However, I could not sleep. I kept searching for a logical reason but I couldn’t find any.

Suddenly, I began to feel suspicious. Was she seeing someone else? I started to recall past suspicious incidents that I have brushed off previously and the more I thought of it, the more I felt uncomfortable. I couldn’t sleep that night and had problems focusing on my work over the next 2 weeks. While there were obvious tell tale signs, they weren’t conclusive. I also couldn’t bring myself to believe my conservative wife would have an affair. 

I started to pay more attention to her habits and behaviour and I started to see a trend. I found that every one or two days in a week, she would wear something more sexy to work and usually, she would only return home after 9pm, giving various excuses that she was either working late or met up with friends for dinner. 

Another pattern that I discovered was that each time any nightie goes missing from the wardrobe, I will find it hanging back in the night and she would definitely wear that when we had sex either the next night or the following night. I also realize that she was always on her laptop on nights that she didn’t go out and would spend like an hour or so on it.

On Saturdays when I play golf with clients in Singapore, she would say she needed to go back to work but never when I was playing golf in Johor. Another suspicion was that she would always call me when I am playing golf in Johor to ask was the game and what time I was going to finish, once or twice each time but never when I was playing golf in Singapore.

Finally, after 3 agonizing months, I hired a PI and 2 weeks later, I was shown evidence beyond a doubt that she was seeing some other man. I also found out that when I played golf in Johor on Saturday, that man came over to our house to stay for about an hour. I was furious by now but I wanted to know more. I wanted to know what they did behind closed doors and how long it had been going on.

I managed to install a key logger software on to her laptop and finally got access into it. I searched through her laptop and my entire world collapsed when I saw what I found. There were huge log file of her conversation on irc with that guy. There were also countless emails between them. Reading them, I realize they have been fucking behind my back for almost 3 years and have done almost every imaginable sexual act known. 

In it, they describe how much they enjoyed the fuck sessions when they did in various positions, not forgetting how she BJ him and let him CIM and swallowing his semen. They even had anal sex. That guy even wrote stuff like how turned on he was when she told him that she had kissed me when she returned home after she had just swallowed his cum earlier on. He even said he get’s super turned on when he fuck her while she wears one of the nightie as he knows she will wear it the next day with me but that I was having second hand goods.

There were even nude pictures and video of them in her laptop and I couldn’t bring myself to watch them in detail. I couldn’t believe it was happening. I confronted her with all the evidence and she admitted it. She even told me that it was good I found out as she didn’t want to hide it anymore and we eventually divorced.

It’s been 8 years since I divorced and it took me one whole year to recover from my shock as drown myself in sorrow, turning to drinking and losing my job. I finally woke up and started my own business and have been successful since. 

5 years ago, I started becoming an MILF guy. To date, I have lost count of the number of married women I have fucked. I am not trying to gloat about my “conquest”. I just wanted all married men here to know, don’t be too confident with your trust of your wife. Among the MILFs that I have had, they come from all walks of life, age and looks. Many of them are typical women that hardly anyone would expect them to fuck behind their husband’s back but they did. Lastly, don’t be a fucking cuckold like I was just because you think your wife don’t have a high sex drive or don’t enjoy sex. It might just be that she doesn’t enjoy it with you but is letting another guy fuck her brains out behind your back, just like what happened to me and like what I am doing now. No offense to anyone. 

This is a classic case of a beta male turning alpha. Everyone of us are capable of an alpha task, we just need to summon that beast within us.

The storyteller later went on to say:

We did bump into each other a few years later and even sat down to have coffee. That was how I knew that the guy dumped her. We didn't exchange numbers and haven't been in contact again since that one time.

I don't hate her anymore. I pity her. She could have been a rich tai tai leading a good life. Guess she choose the wrong man in the end.

So if you are a gal, be nice to that one man in your life, enjoy your sex with him. He will one day reward you for your faithfulness. If you are a guy, don't waste a single effort in looking for that one pussy, there are millions in the bush. Just build that fucking business empire. Need I say more?

As for the storyteller, his karma will hit him soon as he will soon find out that he can find no true love. To bed hundred of pussies, he must be heartless. Gals dig heartless guys. But since the guy steeled his heart from emotional investment, he will feel no pain, that is how he appears unfazed by the gal's beauty. Gals love cool cucumbers. At the end, the guy will get to screw the gals easily but he will never be satisfied as he showed no emotions even in sex. The storyteller will soon find out that he is not longer capable of loving, as he is suspicious of every single gal that he encounters. A sad way to end it all. This is the price he needs to pay for screwing indiscriminately.

In order to enjoy a relationship, one must invest feelings. But, once feelings are involved, the gals will know exactly how to unleash their most potent power of being a dreadful drama queen. The gals will find out and learn to twirl the guy with their immense beta-rization skills. I have found no survivors in these battles. But, truth be told, the guy will feel absolutely worth their while in the relationship (like the first five years of the storyteller's marriage). Funny shit!

I guess Buddha had gotten it right - the best way is always the Middle Way. In metta ...

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