Saturday, 23 March 2013

b.Passion business I - The Way

The first part is here:   b.Passion business I - Blueberry Wine (as a) 

The Way is like magic.

Many times when there seemed to be no way out. No possibility of success. No chance to turn things round.

There exists always a wayThe Way of the Heart.

Do not despair as there is always a way.

Continue that passion for you have no other choice.

Grit that teeth and bite that bullet.

The Way will show itself. No matter how desperate you are, be patient, the Way will show you how.

It is easy for man to be tempted by quick success. Do not take the shortest route to success. Take instead the longest road. Enjoy the slow process to success.

When I first conceive the mango wine many years ago. It was laughable as there was no way I can get a winery license from those scumbags. The project has to be a stealthy one. The moment the project is exposed. That little island's defence will spring to work, they will rob me of my hard work.

I moved the project from country to country.

I tried many formulations but none of them succeeded. Each formulation took me 6 months to confirm its outcome. After so many years, finally instead I found solace in the pineapple wine. It was amazing how things have finally come to head.

The pineapple wine was astounding. The taste was fantastic. It has the potential of leading its own admirers.

Now I am able to procure a winery license too.

Why you ask?

I am a believer of hard work. I am a believer of building a good name. I am a believer of respect. I am a believer of goodness always comes from bitterness. I am a believer of trust of man.

Be extremely honest, you will bring out the best of man. For none of these men will try their trickery on you. They dare not. You are like a bright mirror, for they dare not show their stark ugliness as they despise their own sneaky character way more than your honest stupidity. Let them pretend that they are honest and good, for you have nothing to lose.

Mr Feed Me To the Fish,

May I here offer my humble respect for your passing on. You have done a honourable thing for standing up for those people on that little island. My deepest Respect. I am too weak to even bother. That one day will come when I finally join you, may I too have no regrets like you. Enjoy your freedom from now onwards, for there is none that can hold you back anymore.

May all those that you left behind be healthy and great too like you ...

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