Friday, 26 September 2014

b.3rd Country - The Point of No Return (Part 2)

The last part is here:   3rd Country - The Unexpected Journey (Part 1)

You know you have to leave if your:
  • House - is not free from encumbrance, it is just a rental for 99 years and soon to be shortened to 69 years, after that you owned nothing. Even in middle kingdom, they don't do that. Their land is not theirs, but the house is freehold though. House is you single most important asset to be passed down through the generations to ease your future generations' pain.
  • Car - is not free from encumbrance, it is just a rental for 5 or 10 years, after that you owned nothing. Even in middle kingdom, they don't do that. Car is normally your next most expensive purchase.
  • Medical - is not free. Almost every fucking country, third world or otherwise, are free for the older folks.
  • Education - is not free. Acquisition of knowledge is the single most important leveller of playing field. Take that away, you would be totally at the mercy of the present days' gods.
  • Inflation - is enforced at hyper-rate. That way, there is nothing you can save and move on. By forcing zero savings regime, its inhabitants are enslaved.
  • Death - is enforced. The CCB white fuckens made it a point to sytematically reduce the life expectancy of its inhabitants. See the number of very young people having disused arms, legs and bird-birds. By poisoning, the fuckens reduce their medical requirements. Your shit water is the number one instrument to make that happen. Soon most lost souls would not survive passed 70yo.
All of the above was made of one single purpose - enslavery of a nation. If you treasure your next generations, do them a favour - LEAVE.

Even if you have to carry grain or wash backsides in white land, you have free medicals. You don't burden your next generations over poor health in your advanced years.

Let me just sing a song ...
The song is here:   愛的代價 (張艾嘉)
愛的代價 詞曲 李宗盛
還記得年少時的夢嗎 像朵永遠不凋零的花
陪我經過那風吹雨打 看世事無常 看滄桑變化
那些為愛所付出的代價 是永遠都難忘的啊
所有真心的 痴心的話 永在我心中雖然已沒有他

走吧 走吧 人總要學著自己長大
走吧 走吧 人生難免經歷苦痛掙扎
走吧 走吧 為自己的心找一個家
也曾傷心流淚 也曾黯然心碎 這是愛的代價

也許我偶爾還是會想他 偶爾難免會惦記著他
就當他是個老朋友啊 也讓我心疼 也讓我牽掛
只是我心中不再有火花 讓往事都隨風去吧
所有真心的 痴心的話 仍在我心中雖然已沒有他 

Yes. We have no choice but to 讓往事都隨風去吧, 為自己的心找一個家.

I know it is a sad, sad day for each and every one of us here today. We have indeed come to an end of our journey on that fuckened little island. There is little we can do nor hope. We must then leave with a heavy but yet lightened heart. I would have wished it otherwise. 

It is indeed the point of no return ...


  1. Dear good Sir,

    Thank you for both post regarding the third country. I am now at the second white country. Unlike you sir, I am considered a first generation seeker and I know I will live poor but surely die richer. I will taste no sweet like later generations and this is the curse I have accepted.

    As mentioned earlier, my later strategy is to move to the third country. This is a path even less travelled than white lands, which we can find plenty of information by our cursed countrymen by now, perhaps including my own logs. But there is next to nothing about the third country.

    As a seeker, I have to plan ahead, with or without information. This is the only thing a first generation pissed poor peasant can do. I will make that happen in certainty. Your input so far is most appreciated

    1. Dear Sir Seeker,

      LOL. You really sounded like a blogger from a huge island of the South. As I am already 20 years older than you, do allow me some slack in replying your difficult 3rd country question. An essay that is not well-argued is not useful to you.

      You seek council from man, but man remains your worst enemy. Therefore, do exercise caution in believing an essay from the internet. Operationally, I have already gone well beyond this point of the 3rd country. What is important is why did I chose the path of the 3rd country? I owned lands and paper houses in white land, but I am not too happy myself. As I write, the legend I retold has already sold off his restaurants and took the return path to mudland. Part 5 deals with the emotional impact of returnees.

      What you want to hear is from part 4 of this essay.

      But alas! Every package has pros and cons. Choose we must if, peace go we in. Strong you with the force is.