Friday, 25 July 2014

p.Holocaust II - People are Dying Off Like Flies

The last part is here:   Holocaust II - Rebecca and Gabriel Loh

55 – 59 1300 8.0% 
60 – 64 1636 10.1% 
65 – 69 1704 10.5% 
70 – 74 2166 13.4% 
75 – 79 2461 15.2% 
80 – 84 2649 16.3% 
85 & over 4297 26.5%
TOTAL 16213 100.0% 

Abnormalities in Japanese monkeys linked to Fukushima nuclear disaster Published time: July 25, 2014 03:18 Japan

Monkeys living in the wild in the Fukushima region have tested positive for blood abnormalities linked to radioactive fallout from the 2011 nuclear power plant disaster, according to a new report. ... and the idiot invited food to be imported for fuckens from the same source. 

I didn't check these numbers, but if they are true. Then ... How can those 躝癱 do such heinous act and still sleep well at night? It is a sad day. 屌你老母臭化閪 ...扑你个街 ... These 冇屎忽畜类 really 衰到贴地. 偷呃拐骗, 生安白造 ... everything also can do.  冚家剷吾係粗口, 扑你個臭街都唔係, 屌鳩撚柒閪先係. Surely this is such a sorry state for fuckens. May all their off-springs of 冇屎忽畜类 die a thousand deaths.

The numbers simply meant by age 84, 73.5% of the population would have died off. No medicals needed. 冚家剷 ... In order to keep the population from aging, the fuckens introduced genocides. 躝癱 ... The fuckens knew the aging population will introduce medical needs, so they engineered a genocide by killing off people with cancers and deadly diseases. Stress, toilet water and stained food, just to name a few. 屌你老母臭化閪 ... One day ... Just one day ... May your fucken offsprings enjoy the same karmic treatment:   gals become prostitutes and guys become slaves for unending generations to come. You think you can have it easy huh? My deepest Congratulations to your future generations.

One of the most interesting jokes I have manufactured is that I had stopped dinning in chinaman restaurants or shops. They can live or die for all I care ... Life is so interesting. No need to interact with them. They provide none of the services I desired.

In the end, I am now at peace with myself. So truly interesting ... By being away, I am now home.

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