Saturday, 20 April 2013

p.UBAH - The Change

Went to Sarawak there and back.

Bought this tee and wore it through the streets and customs. Then, read the news that a guy was caught wearing such a tee while driving a car registered for that little island. He was released only after he was established as a not-that-little-island-dweller. If he were to be that-little-island-dweller, he would be jailed for interfering with domestic politics of another land. Membership with that-little-island is indeed a curse.

Luckily, I was not caught.

I will now wear this tee during sleep and in white land.

A guy from another land once told me that he will always be voting for the opposition. I questioned him why?

He said power always corrupts. After a few years in power, one would be tempted to corrupt to his very core. It is therefore good to UBAH (change) all the time so as to minimise pain to the ordinary folks. He and his family were wise beyond their years.

Change is indeed the only permanent ingredient to success in business.

My partner and I have instituted change permanently in our product life-cycle. Every time we reproduce a new order of the same product range. We always incorporate some improvements and changes into the products. Interestingly, our customers love the new products so much that, they overhaul their entire wardrobe to accommodate our newly "improved" products.

Effectively, our products have taken on the new mode of sale - subscription. So instead of trying out other competitive products, our customers look eagerly forward to our new revamped products for their fixes.

The  incorporated change is minimal, but it works fine with our customers. Our customers are willing to "invest" in our latest range even though they are not too much different from our older range. They use our products for trade. We have finally become willing partners to the trade. Our products have integrated with our customers in one seamless weapon-of-choice.

Our sales has again improved further this year. With additional play budget, we now will invest more towards magazine advertising and other feel-good-gadgets.

Some wrong samples in time:

iPhone 5 (USA) has no more improvements after Steve Job has moved on. Apple stopped to become the largest company on earth.

Nokia (Finland) has fallen from the top dog position after failing to play less golf and have more product improvement meetings.

Sony (Japan) is becoming more and more dull with no more new product launches.

Some good samples in time:

Samsung (SKorea) is very strong now with new product launches every other month. but, they have to be careful, their newer product lines such as camera-on-the-go are getting off-the-beaten-track.

Asus (Taiwan) has beaten Msi (Taiwan) in the notebook business. They are becoming interestingly strong. Very sexy.

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