Tuesday, 9 April 2013

p.The Need for Loneliness

I have mentioned earlier: To be a leader of man is a pure waste of time. There is no value in investing time in man. Men are not motivated. They are just opportunists. They are hunters by nature. They hunt all the time. They are not cooperative. They seek destruction and they seek selfish and lone gratifications.

For years I have advocated cooperative hunting. But, I failed miserably. I simply don't understand why I have failed in such a clear-cut concept. By cooperating, the benefits to all who participate are abundant. So easy, follow the Lanchester's Laws -

"Lanchester's laws are mathematical formulae for calculating the relative strengths of a predator/prey pair. This article is concerned with military forces."

"The Lanchester equations are differential equations describing the time dependence of two armies' strengths A and B as a function of time, with the function depending only on A and B."
"In 1916, during World War I, Frederick Lanchester devised a series of differential equations to demonstrate the power relationships between opposing forces. Among these are what is known as Lanchester's Linear Law (for ancient combat) and Lanchester's Square Law (for modern combat with long-range weapons such as firearms)."

"With firearms engaging each other directly with aimed shooting from a distance, they can attack multiple targets and can receive fire from multiple directions. The rate of attrition now depends only on the number of weapons shooting. Lanchester determined that the power of such a force is proportional not to the number of units it has, but to the square of the number of units. This is known as Lanchester's Square Law."

It simply means for a force of just two cooperatives, the force-multiplier would have been 2x2=4 individuals, i.e., a force of just two cooperatives has the capability of handling 4 individuals at parity.

Extending the concept further, for a force of three cooperatives, the force-multiplier would have been 3x3=9 individuals, i.e., a force of three cooperatives has the capability of handling 9 individuals at parity.

This concept of cooperation is simply too marvellous, but, sadly no one appreciates.

So leave the idea of leading man. They are fucking waste of time.

How about leading women?

Unfortunate for women is that they are not creative. They have almost zero creativity. They are however great followers, i.e., in short, they are great managers of rules. Give them a rule, they will follow to the letter T. But, that makes them poor sales people. Although they are great accounts managers, they are poor at knocking a creative win-win package together. They lack directions when there are none to start with.

The other bad point I already have highlighted before is they always like to jump the business owner all the time. They simply don't understand why the business owner is always so unwilling to jump them even if the hints are so obvious.

They simply don't get it or merely trying their luck all the time. I believe they know that there is a limit to how many a business owner can manage at any one time. Being a business owner, obviously he has choices. Choices beyond his wildest dream, so he automatically becomes choosy and still can play hard-to-get. This situation drives the gals even more eager to please. Sigh ... How I wish I have more capacity.

Back to the topic:   The Need for Loneliness

Because men fail us and women are next to zeros. We will be most of the time lonely. So instead of fighting it, might as well welcome loneliness as a friend. At a start, loneliness is a nasty little fellow. It gives pain. It gives anxiety. It drives confidence to the ground. It creates doubt in our scheme of things.

Ignore each and every one of these pains. Slowly loneliness becomes a true friend. In fact, sometimes I am sick and tired of attention that I crave for loneliness to return.

Interestingly, from time to time, it will return. During these times, it will create another round of loss of confidence. But, fear not, it will build more character into the person and drive businesses to the next level.

Today, I feel lonely again, but, I have arrived at 1.5% of my target. They are currently armies waiting for my deployment. Once deployed, they in turn will become force-multipliers on my behalf. Is there a hurry? NO. The white land will have another 15 years of pain. I can afford to take my time.

What if I am wrong? Well, with 1.5%, I have already outperformed my wildest dream. But, I am not happy as I am still too young to retire. Let me play the game further and report back.

My hope is to hit 3.0% in five years' time. By then, I would even be more lonely.

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