Saturday, 27 April 2013

b.The Hope in Stupidity

I have always wanted to write this post for the longest of time.

Now is a good time.

I have asked a colleague to source for a suitable vendor.

She began sourcing. As usual she hit road blocks all the way. Some of the quotations she got was so ridiculous, we seriously either doubt her communications skills in handling the task at hand or the vendors were too fat and complacent that they don't need any more new business. She showed no sign of despair and gave a very dry smile whenever we question her about the progress of the ongoing task during board meetings.

Three months later, she found 2 really suitable vendors of reasonable costings and the process was smooth henceforth.

Deep down I knew that she was sad and unhappy with herself. She didn't seem to blame us for giving her no morale support. This I must apologise for our insensitivity. We should have been a lot more supportive of her hard work and industry.

This is truly a very fine example of stupidity won us all. Indeed we have disrespected her. Her wit in fact is beyond the normal range.

In another instance, I have asked another colleague to source for property for purchase.

She found property after property ceaselessly for 3 solid months too. Some of the properties she listed were so interesting that even I have to reach my deepest pockets to get the cash so that I don't miss out on the opportunities.

During her search, she was ridiculed to the maximum by people around her as unrealistic and impossible. She has nothing but a pure grit of her teeth. Not an easy thing to do. Finally, even estate agents took their hats off to her when she mentioned the deals she has put together. It only showed her extreme dedication to the task at hand. Although she has zero training in real estate sourcing, she has unusual zeal in pursuing her task.

This is another super nice example of stupidity won us all. 


There is no such thing as a newbie to the task. As long as one is willing to learn and humble to his/her assigned task, with perseverance, there is no task too difficult to fulfill. There is always hope for stupidity. In fact, the final laugh belongs to the humble and hard worker. 若非一番寒澈骨 那得梅花撲鼻香

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