Thursday, 22 May 2014

b.Many a Big Project

The last part is here:   Longevity Businesses

I have been questioned by a blood relation:   Have I spread myself too thin involving in so many huge projects?

The answer is NO. I have too much unspent energy. So much so that not every project occupies my entire time. During the gaps, I have to fill it with something. The best part is that the projects I needed them to move quickly frequently ended up the slowest and don't really eat up too much of my time. For those unexpected progresses, they usually yield very pleasant results. For the unexpected delays, because I don't borrow, they normally ended up okay by a mile. Some things are best handled in slower time cycles.

Take for example:   I took a long road trip up to the Siam border. The key performance indicator is I should take notes on the swiftlets' paths. Along the way, I reviewed both housed properties and vacant lands. Based on common assessment, running a birdhouse is more challenging than buying a human house. I need to source for proper birdhouse plans before I can build and hope like hell I can harvest. Since this birdhouse project needs further discussion on expertise requirement. I have no choice but to hold it back till I can get a better visibility.  Luckily I do review houses along the way. The purchase of human houses now taken a forefront. This showed how fun it is to have multiple concurrent projects. Just when I thought human houses are boring, they jumped started my fun. Now these houses can be purchased and minimally fixed and immediately rentable. Why? You asked. Well, my earlier house purchase was finally fixed after one solid year. Immediately I had neighbours plying my door everyday asking me to release the rental unit to them. They don't mind negotiating on the rental once I am okay to rent. My investment has started returning immediately. What a fun way of employing cash. In very short years, my capital would have returned completely, with free freehold properties in my name.

Cashflow Android Game:   I just replayed the Kiyo's little game. His premise is that one should invest in cashflow property game as soon as possible. In normal times, this is a perfect game plan. But, one has forgotten that every 10-20 years, there would be a tsunami playing one's ass. Since this game plan takes at least 20 years to realise, one's ass would have been torn to bits. So it is not easy to win in this cashflow in a simpleton manner. I played the game by trying to buy properties cash. Kiyo punished me for being conservative and slow to react. Next I buy only properties that have at least 50% returns. Again Kiyo punished me by giving very slow cycle returns. If by simply playing kiyo's cashflow game, one gets ahead, then truly there would be no more poor bastards.

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