Monday, 26 May 2014

p.The Nice Path Ahead (Next Part)

The last Part is here:   The Nice Path Ahead

The acquaintance mentioned before this essay gave me a food treat. I rejected. She suggested that if I ever needed anything, please feel free to ask and it shall be complied. I smiled.

In the past, I have spent hundreds if not a couple of thousands on her to please her. In exchange, I asked for occasional favours. But none of these favours asked were returned. Every one of these favours was non-monetary in nature. Sad. She made a final attempt on me and said she would be leaving for her ex-home country for good. She has burnt 20 years of her stay in white land, achieving nothing. I am sorry that I couldn't help her. She is beyond help. I can't teach her how to suck eggs. Her path is hers alone to choose. I don't wish to help.

The time has come for me to say goodbye to this unwanted relationship. She talked for hours on end. Her companion even claimed that the relationship could go on if I choose to. I just smiled with no facial expression. I am indeed a poor actor or was it that I am just plain lazy.

Another acquaintance just popped up to meet me at 500 km from his place. He will bring along resources to help me to manage my work. No question asked about compensation. No hint of extracting favour from me. This is called a true friend. Not because I received unasked favours but a friend don't question return but just do them. There is still hope in mankind.

Tiramisu Queen as usually gave me a dangerous look. She claimed if she had met me earlier in her life. Her life would be so different. I smiled. My intensive pheromone perfume worked. I was expected to say something but I resisted. Chrysanthemum gave me one tight slap on my face and said I should not be ambivalent about relationships. Women are like cats, they clawed their ways around.

Noticing that I was quiet thereafter, Tiramisu Queen offered me to buy a small share in her newly setup lucrative restaurant.

I guess if I can please a gal enough, she will feed me food.

I felt so blessed.

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