Wednesday, 15 October 2014

b.A Chicken Farm is Born

The last part is here:   Japan Is In Recession Again

Tra la la la la la ... Finally can celebrate a little.

Converting from big head projects to small head projects. Immediately, I received success. Kekeke ... I bidded 3 times the reserved price. All the small fishes went into hiding. They all avoided me as they worried that I might even bid 4 times the reserved price or I just freeze and let them have the small head project at 4 times the reserved price. Their expressions were gold. Their confusion and their angst in their loss fueled their pain. They now learned that I was no kind soul but a medium-sized bully.

People queued up to buy iPhone 6. I queued up to buy chickens. Unlimited supply of chickens. Now that I can keep lots of chickens, I wonder if they also let me go for the next small head project - keeping dogs.

Although I was blessed in small head projects, I am still interested in having a big head project and show my Jones that I have arrived. Fuck! Fucken characteristics at work.

The most natural question is that why did I pay so much for such a small head project? At low price quantum, the barrier of entry is extreme low. Every adventurer would have to pay cash to have a quick go at these projects. Therefore, there is a certain level of irrationality. Adventurers compete with each other and have an unnatural sense of achievement when any one of them won the final bid. These achievements are hollow.

I quote a current worked example:   An adventurer once bidded for a chicken farm and won with a 2 times reserved price. He was so happy and proud and even jided me on his victory march out. Months later, rumour had it that he didn't have the capital to buy cages and equipments to start his chicken farm. To date, his chicken farm remained a piped dream. It is only a matter of time that the license plus land would be revoked and resold again in the open market. That's when I shall return and have some more fun with it. You see:   James Sassoon once said it is better to lose opportunity than capital. Only blur fucks are happy for such a hollow victory march. The issue at hand is if you don't have sufficient cash to play the game through, the chicken farm would never yield a single cent of income. Indeed, it is a 100% return or 0% income perpetual shit-hole. Therefore, no matter how small or big is the project, generating cash-flow income is key to success in investment.

Then why should I have paid 3 times just to get at it. You are quite right to assume that I was out of my mind. I was frustrated for the better of one full year. I was without success I needed a successful bid to 冲冲喜. So yes. The bid was irrational but good as it rebuild the team's morale which money cannot buy.

All chicken farms are different. Some have super under-priced and some have totally overpriced reserved prices. I happened to gun for the super under-priced ones. But at 3 times the reserved price, you need an iron nerve to either blink or not blink. Remembering always your worst enemy is another human. In fact, none of the bidders knew that I was thinking of setting up a toy chicken farm which does not bother to turn in any revenue. So they can't really test my fathoms.

The true battle is about to begin ...

Winter is round the corner. Leaves are now falling like nobody's business. In some nights, there were even frost on the window sills.

I have contacted some banks and they were happy to give me an advance on all my assets. But, I am not going to take that route. All my life, I have been played time and again by the fucking banks. I intend to play it totally safe. If I can't get a loan on the strength of my purchased property, I have no intention of buying it. Further, in winter, the sellers might even give me a repayment period in return for a good lump sum upfront. They are desperate to sell to finance their ongoing lifestyle. After all, they were once the immortals that walk this earth. Now they are old and fragile, they needed that assurance that they still can walk independently without help. Well, their gambling sons are definitely not helping. 

Interesting things do happen now and then. The chicken farm I just bidded successfully was in fact one of the 10 chicken farms in the area. This farm is currently the most juicy amongst them. All the chicken farms belong to a single owner. That's when the fun begins. The owner doesn't know that I happened to be a good chicken farmer. In fact, I hope to buy the other nine farms off him and make it into a big dog farm.

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