Wednesday, 1 May 2013

p.Ubah - The Rally

Last night's rally at Sutera Mall with Lim Kit Siang wetted my eyes.

Having a voice is so important. Finding that voice unfortunately was not easy.

How many of us have to skip town so that we can find a new beginning for ourself and family. This is hardly a pleasurable thing to do.

The amount of festivities the rally has brought. The amount of togetherness the rally has brought is indeed priceless. Malaysia has finally arrived. Come May 05, no matter who wins the leadership. It would be a big leap of democracy for the lovely people of Malaysia.

When I talked to the BN supporters, they are fantastic. When I talked to the PR supporters, they are priceless. So much trust and so much zeal. I guess there is surely no true right and wrong. But, in a shade of grey. Hopefully, behind every ambition, there would be a true will to lead with integrity.

Malaysians are so fortunate. They can have a choice and hence, a voice. Malaysia boleh!

I thank you for leading by example.

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