Friday, 10 January 2014

g.The Adventure

The last part is here:   Trust - Vincent van Gogh

Again long time never write about the topic.

Maybe part of growing old is not to expect anything. Maybe growing old means to accept the fate that comes.

Sometimes I wondered if I should go out and meet lotsa gals and find the one I am attracted to. The problem with me is that if I put my mind on going out and getting to know lotsa gals, except for a few isolated cases, most gals will accept me for who I am. So I am always caught in a bad dilemma, what is therefore fate and love? So many gals, some very pretty, some very smart, some very homely, some very spikey, some very bitchy, some very educated, some very hysterical, some very demure, while others are strong-headed. In fact, there was never a dull moment.

But, deep down, I was and still am a simple mind. I yearn for simplicity. A simple folk with a very humble dream. I just hope to find one that is simple and kind. I hope to bring her for an adventure.

In this adventure, I hope we can see the complete wonders of the world. There is no need to prove anything.

In about 3 years' time, let us start humbly with the silk road trip. It will take about 60 days and we will re-trace the entire silk road. Thereafter, i hope for every 3 years, we will go on a 30-60-day trip to explore this earth.


  1. My humble 2 cents: If one wants a simple life, choose a life partner who will speak his/her mind and always keep space/time for open communication. What you see is what you get, no need to guess and/or 2nd-guess what he/she wants etc.

    I treasure these 直肠人 striaght-talking folks most, because life is simpler that way.

  2. Thank you, Winking Doll, for visiting.

    It is amazing that at the end of the day, unwrap the complex me, I am such an ordinary guy with such a simple need. 古之立大事者,不惟有超世之才,亦必有坚韧不拔之志。

    I wish you well. I too wish you have found your 死生契阔,与子成说。

    1. Thanks, Luca Morgen, for your well wishes. Yes, I've found someone and we're planning "our elopement" (a.k.a. simple wedding).

      Wish you luck in love life too. :)

    2. Winking Doll,

      My heartiest congratulations to you and loved one ...

      春 日 宴 。
      綠 酒 一 杯 歌 一 遍 。
      再 拜 陳 三 願 。
      一 願 人 君 千 歲 ,
      二 願 情 妾 長 健 。
      三 願 如 同 粱 上 燕 。
      歲 歲 長 相 見 。