Saturday, 19 July 2014

p.I Buy a Super Market (Part II)

The last part is here:   I Buy a Super Market

This morning I met Greyhawk on my way out. He told me that his daughter was deeply disturbed. I have yet to get back to her daugther about him selling his super market to me cheap. I humbly explained that I am a poor bastard and shall remained so for a long time to come. I have no means or access to large funds to make that purchase. Further I can't guarantee that I would love white crane forever as I have too many gals out there who need my loving too.

He darkened but held back his fury and calmly explained I don't need money to buy his super market. All I need was to agreed and the super market would be transferred in stages to me using the cash flow from the profits. He further admitted that he is greying fast too. He needed a great lieutenant by his side. If I like, he can even throw in a house to boot. Such a generous offer!

I smiled, humbly declined and maintained that although I am a man of little means, I do have my dignity.

He asked me for the last time and said that since that is my decision. He will respect it. His facial expressions darkened even further when we parted.

Before this final showdown, away from the madding crowd, I did my due diligence. I am not stupid. I told Greyhawk before that I was and still am not a stupid guy. I made my own reality.

When I first arrived on the scene, Greyhawk was excited that in this god-forsaken place, I arrived as a knight in shinning armour. Bring brillance to the place. He introduced me to all his generals and said that I am the next best thing to god. I was happy with the reception, thinking that at last, there is one good chinaman on earth.

He ran me through his entire organization, asking me to take on roles to help him out. I was naive and gladly complied.

Little did I know that he told all generals behind my back to abuse me and treat me as super sub, i.e., I cover their duties whenever they need to get off. My only reward was to fuck his daughter. The generals were rude to the point that I am just indeed a substitute or for a better word, a prostitute to the place.

Although I am not a nice person, but I did take offence to being a prostitute. I may be new to the place. I have humble means. I have no contacts. I have no support from my family clan. I have no friends. But, I will be a fool to be taken advantage of from a migrant worker who has been here just a few decades earlier.

I believe he is currently very proud of his achievement but that does not entitle him to make a fool out of newer migrant workers.

By the afternoon, he told me over the phone that I shall never ever step foot in his super market again nor see his daughter. He then hung up.

He must be reminiscing and recoiling from his pains. He thought he has done a major battle royal and victory on me. But, yet I chose to run away leaving him and his generals doing sentry duties and shift work stand-ins all alone when ever their foot soldiers go on resignations, strikes or holidays. What a loving sight, a general of 3 decades old doing cashier duties, cut raw meat, scale slimy fish, mop kitchen floors and clean public toilets because the ones doing it for him had all resigned.

Bonded forever in the jobs they created for themselves. They can make all the monies in the world but they couldn't enjoy them as they can't even leave their place of work.

I smiled. Another day another battle.

I have seen so many such fools in my life and I have learned to deal with them quite easily.

My bag of tricks is only one:    Be meek and silent when confronted with adversity. Why meek? So that I don't show up their mistakes. Why silent? So that I don't tell them what's wrong with them. They will then think I was the stupid guy and don't seem to able to get their ideas across into my thick head, they simply don't know what's wrong with my head. How can they hope to achieve victory with deception. They have no scruples nor honour.

Only an honest and honourable man can do battle royal with me. But, if he is honest and honourable, then there would be no battle, he would already be my partner-in-crime. What an irony!

Winter's coming soon ... I have to prepare money for my next purchases of land. I am excited. Maybe I should also learn french to be nice to all my neighbours.

Footnote:   To win in the mind game: Never be quick to anger. Greyhawk failed to win his slave 千里马 and he ended up too quick to anger because he thought he is the almighty 伯乐 and no 千里马 can resist his charm. He has forgotten that there are mighty 千里马 out there that even money cannot buy, as well as every 千里马 is unique. He must exercise humility when approaching these great 千里马. I am not even a super 千里马 but just a strong one. To win the 千里马, one must not be impatient but to study the quarry carefully. Win the respect of 千里马 and the animal will suck your cock. It is that simple.

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