Thursday, 30 May 2013

b.Happiness - 1.032375+3 (0.093852%) 30 May 2013

he he he ... I had grown from B.Happiness - A blessed Christmas 2012 of 0.003125+1 (0.00028409%) to 1.032375+3 (0.0938552%), a super big jump.

Year 2013 has been very kind. I am almost 0.1% nearer to my target. 頑張って (がんばって)

I look forward to feeding my little ducklings with my home-made fish paste.

The lesson learnt:

The white people are quite nasty in their approach to yellows. They like to ride on their tall horses and look down on the yellows. As I am writing, another yellow was terrified by his contact with the white. He was afraid to strike a heavy bargain on his contract. He asked for my advice. I told him if the deal is so good to be true, he will get it somehow. If the deal is not his to keep, then be graceful to let go. Sometime it is important to remain happy than sad. If it is yours to have, you will have, otherwise, just smile and wait for the next rain, hopefully to be followed by the rainbow. 命里有时终须有, 命里无时莫强求 ... (许冠杰)

He was much calmer after that. Seek council of the strong. He should get his deal and be happy.

As for my deals, I almost given up hope just a few days back. But, quiet confidence and patience paid off. The whites love to see a hint of desperation before they give in. I have stayed extremely humble from beginning to end. The white felt strong and well-respected, so they felt charitable and I had managed to lop 20% off their prices. Having someone to address you as "Sir" cost money!

So to sum:   Be extremely patient with the whites, they like to feel their power, so let them. They will reward you with large chunks of food. The main reason for their charity is that they arrived at a place where they just grab and occupy. So whenever they needed money, they just sell off chunks to survive. Their forefathers are adventurers and very skillful, but not their youngs.

Most hard-working inventors of the white are migrant stock.

So do not be mistaken by racism, it is everywhere and yet it is in nowhere. You just have to look, analyse and understand.

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