Saturday, 11 May 2013

b.Putting My Nose Back to the Grindstone

Every person is protective of their ambition. In another words, they are selfishly watching me fall.

Therefore, every step I take must be well considered and never reveal that all along I had never depended on any one of them for the successful implementation of my ultimate plan. For those whom I trusted, they do know that in my ultimate plan, they would be given a role, not only a good role but a role that represents our true friendship. If you are my true friend, then there is not ever a question at all.

True friendship should never be spoken about, but felt.

Today marks the first step towards another business-type.

I already had firm pre-orders, it is now time to implement the plan. Due to the intricate nature of the plan, some suggested that I borrow some strength from existing suppliers.

This is laughable.

The very reason why I can get these firm pre-orders even before I get my act together is because they trust that I will not take any short-cut for my fulfillment. I would be fully responsible for the final quality of the delivery, hence, their reputation is well-guarded against poor observance of their job.

But, the distractors said, if I am not careful, it might take up to 3 years to reach my delivery point. The investment amount is too great for any one to bear. LOL. Such skepticism.

I have done so much ground work that I believe I should be a-ok. Even if I miss these pre-orders, I am sure my friends who gave me these pre-orders understand my earnestness. The pre-orders might just return as planned.

Can I therefore wait so long? The plan may have a long gestation period, which I believe not, I am willing to pay that price.

Good thing must come slowly. Any rush will spoil its value and ultimate enjoyment. The higher the barrier of entry, the safer is the business-type.

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