Saturday, 27 September 2014

b.3rd Country - The White Land is Not White (Part 3)

The last part is here:   3rd Country - The Point of No Return (Part 2)

Some took the aeroplane jump into white land washing backsides and building rail roads.

Remember now that the whites are not stupid. If they allow that immigrants or migrant workers to threaten the jobs of their own kind, how can they then stay in power amongst the whites? Commonsense would have told us that we are nothing but locusts that invade their land. The whites would never allow parity. That must be the order of the day. We yellowskins would stay locusts for a long, long time to come.

The only thing the whites love is our little kiddos. They will do better than us, the old fucks. But ever then, the kiddos from the legend retold took 20% down-payment from his daddy for her big apple million hair apartment and so did her two lawyer and big accountant brothers. The kiddos fed off his daddy's dish-washing blood money. They wanted to be the Jones immediately. They can't lose. The kiddos went to ivy league varsities and now having great jobs. But, these jobs are still not as good as they get because they would never be true bosses in white companies. Sooner or later, these kiddos will scream discrimination and do the same return path too to mudland. Right now, the old daddy only travels to chinatown and back every day. He never even venture out to his own suburbs to explore the country. He refused even to speak a sentence of English. He is so home-sick. Mudland may not be any better middle kingdom land, but it gives him hope to be among the equals. He is waiting now to collect his sale money of his 50 years hardwork and buy the first air tickets home to mudland. In a way, he has never make it that rich in white land. Just a normal joe doing a joe's dish washing job, living in a joe's apartment or house.

Elsewhere. Similar stories are happening in the immigrants from large island in the east. They too are returning. One case:   The old fuck even shouted at me drunk. He said he was the scholarship holder together with the current president of that large island. That scholarship was the first scholarship given by the wife of their beloved and affectionate old president. He was then already a ceo of a huge subsidiary of the island's largest company controlled by the current president. He lamented over his lost 2 decades in white land. He is now with no sons (all returned to large island) and friendships are not real in white land.

Give you another worked example:   A yellowskin from a bigger island took residence and citizenship in white land. His daughters refused to stay. They ran back to their big island. There are simply no jobs for their white degrees. No white establishments would give nice white collar jobs to yellowskin white degree holders. So his daughters ran back to their large island and found great jobs in huge companies with lots of appreciative guys waiting to jump them. So the fairy tale did have a good ending - the gals found great jobs due to their overseas education. But, herein lies the sad part. The old folks are now left marooned in white land. No friends, no money, no decent paying jobs. Every day, they curse younger yellowskins like me who gave them nothing to sponge off. They hated that as not all new yellowskins are blur fucks. So they wildly invest in business ideas but none of that took off. Now, they have no choice but to consider deeply their shameful way home to their big island. Disgraced.

The pinoys, indyes, pakis, nigers and mudlanders all knew their game plan very well. They go to white land, work like dogs, receive nice cash and buy houses back home. In the meantime, their kiddos will have great education degrees to fight another day. They will then return home as immortals with at least 10 houses to boot.

So this migration move benefited only one party - the young-lings.

But, the bad news remained is what are you going to do? You would be old, burned-out, fuckened, marooned in a strange white land who speaks not your lingo? Your kiddos are so happy that they wouldn't even bother about your plight. Move back to that fuckened little island, you would be dead within 5 years from shit water and radioactive food poisoning.

A twist of white land fairy tale:   The white land may kill their health support plans soon. Soon you will find that the whites no longer provide health support. That's when you will feel truly fucked. Since I can't re-enter that fuckened little island, I am truly and utterly fucked.

This generation game is 50 years long wrong footing ... all would be returning in deep disgrace.

Today, a strange white caller asked me to release my church for their purchase. They will agree to any price if I am willing to sell. Deep down, I know they refused to provide the real reason - a true icon that has been stolen from them. The 100-odd years of history where they married and had their first baptism is now owned by a yellowskin. They must re-purchase it as I told them I would be converting it to a mosque anytime soon. I still want my four wives to make me happy. They go to the extent that I may exchange the church for 2 nearby houses.

I am no longer interested in paper houses ... although I still have a weakness to buy that police station that is put up for sale. I even have a post office that looks like fullerton's for sale.

I am sad that the white land is indeed not pure white ... The push for a 3rd country is now eminent ... 世界虽大,却无我容身之处.

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