Thursday, 12 September 2013

p.Show - 兰陵王

The last part is here:   Show - 像风一样行走


The show is here:   兰陵王

The song is good:    手掌心

The show is nothing to cry about. It is just a good show by 冯绍峰, 林依晨, 陈晓东, 毛林林 and gang. Plenty of chance to cry with the main characters. I like 林依晨 and we all are treated to go on a journey. A journey that is full of deceit and pain. Indeed, a journey of no return.

作曲:V.K克 作词:陈没 演唱:丁当 歌词片段:
一干而尽 爱恨嗔痴的幻影
我敬你 一杯一干二净的黎明
我在南极 憧憬你的北极星
我等你 不信心心不相印

你是天意 你是达达的马蹄
滚滚了我的红尘 苦苦追寻冰天雪地

一寸光阴一寸心 一朵昙花一朵云
一朵雪花 一朵梦境 一一捧在手掌心
一颗尘埃一菩提 一颗流星一个你

七世夫妻 只是神话的魔镜
第七夕 只能再等一世纪
你是天地 你是风雨你是晴
你是温柔的叛逆 逆转我的一年四季

一寸光阴一寸心 一朵昙花一朵云
一朵雪花 一朵梦境 一一捧在手掌心
一颗尘埃一菩提 一颗流星一个你

偏偏我越抱越紧 偏偏我越爱越贪心
偏偏要爱到万箭穿了心 才死心

左手掌握着空心 右手掌握着痴心
十指紧扣一本心经 刻骨铭心着苦心
可不可以不甘心 可不可以不认命
如果可以 拿我换给你

Every single immigrant is sad most of the time. But, after 50 years, everything will return to normal again, as if it was only yesterday that one has just migrated.

On a journey like this, one would be sad nine parts out of ten. Every sad part is so bitter that one would have considered giving up every single round. But, life still needs to go on. Our body still needs to breathe. Breathe we must. Take a very deep breath, hold the breath for 5 counts and then breathe out slowly. Our mind will start to relax. Life is not so bad after that one single breath. It will very much prove that we are still very much alive.

For every tiny success, you pick up along the way. Learn to celebrate it on your own. Be still and quiet. Don't show off. For every failure, you take a very deep breath, telling yourself that you will be given another chance to do it again. This time you will be better prepared. Don't be sad. Smile, for you have just proven that people around are afraid to give you success.

Little things in life are important to me. I learned to take very long walk. Far from the madding crowd. I learned to eat alone. Gone with the wind. I learned to exercise alone. Lord of the Ring. I watch shows 24/7. I teared non-stopped. So what, I am not a superman. I am only human. When people poke me, wouldn't I bleed? When people curse me, wouldn't I cry. When people laugh at me, wouldn't I be sad. But, I must still stand tall and grit that teeth. I have nothing to show but myself. I can only lick my wounds every time I am injured. I can only wipe my tears every time I am sad. There is nothing between me and my land. My land don't lie and hurt me. My trees don't bite and scorn me.

Let this be the only covenant between my land and me that I am indeed home.

Let's enjoy the show ...

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