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p.Show - 精忠岳飞

The last part is here:   Show - Jobs (乔布斯)

The show is here:   精忠岳飞

满江红   (南宋)岳飛(1103-1141)
怒髮衝冠 憑欄處瀟瀟雨歇
抬望眼 仰天長嘯 壯懷激烈

靖康恥 猶未雪
臣子恨 何時滅
待從頭收拾舊山河 朝天闕

Yue Fei (1103-1141)
Wrath stood my hair to throw off my hat
On railings I leaned 
Seeing the rain ceased 
I raised my eyes high 
To the sky I crooned long and high 
How my patriotic devotion was denied 
To dust and earth my thirty- year achievements in arms have now returned 
Together with eighty thousand li of cloud and moon 
Youthful wills must not be wasted in greying 
Forever regret 

Humiliation by a capital in defeat is not yet put at bay 
A general’s hate its vengeance must not be delivered in delay 
I will ride my chariot again 
To break through the He Lan Mountain pass 
Let’s realize our aspirations to dine with the enemy’s flesh for meat 
With the Hun’s blood we quench our thirsts in laughter and heat 
Whence we recover our lost land in our own hands 
‘Tis time we face the royal court in army ranks

小重山   (南宋)岳飛(1103-1141)
驚回千里夢 已三更
人悄悄 簾外月朧明

舊山松竹老 阻歸程
知音少 弦斷有誰聽

Yue Fei (1103-1141)
Incessantly autumn crickets sounded through the night 
Breaking my dream a thousand li my home nigh 
‘Twas well after midnight 
Up alone I paced the yard round and round 
Not a soul around 
By the window the moon was bright

For glory I paid with hair grey in tow 
The bamboos and pines at home must have grown old 
Homebound journey is on hold 
To my lute I wish to confide what’s in my mind 
No Listener 
Who would hear broken strings speaking feelings of the mind

The show is to recreate the love of middle kingdom by one man.

The life of an immigrant is never easy. There are many regrets and many mis-steps. 

Regret that all the ones we hold dear are not with us. Regret that for every passing festival we eat alone. Regret that we no longer share the same mother tongue. Regret that I am free, they are not. Regret that they are dying little by little.

Mis-step that none of the new acquaintances are true. Mis-step that all our skills are not put to good use. Mis-step that we are cheated at every turn. Mis-step that we are robbers of the locals. Mis-step that we are willing to integrate but the locals are not willing to accept.

At these very interesting times, we are movers and shakers. There are great opportunities await us. There are great adventures await us. Let's all go on a journey - even if it is a journey of no return - I will still have no regrets. I count not how many obstacles, I count not the price. I count not the sands of time. I shall witness life once more.

Let's enjoy the show ...

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