Sunday, 16 February 2014

b.Longevity as a Religion

The last part is here:   Longevity Businesses

I apologize for not being able to blog as frequently as I wanted to. There are simply too many physical world things that I need to take care of.

Nowadays I have accumulated quite a follower-ship of believers. They now just sit quietly by my side and listen intently to my preaches.

I guess this is how Jesus started it all. First, talked cock and then, suddenly he found that people do listen to his cock-and-bull stories. But, as time went by, his cock-and-bull stories cannot hold his audience anymore. He started to dish out his mythology cock god father. Everything he claimed he did, he did it for his father. If there were any mistakes, it was his own, but, his father in heaven would have corrected him in time and he would be rewarded beyond this world.

After a while, even this cock-and-mythology also cannot hold the audience further. He went for the final suggestion that he is god reincarnated. If he had lived, he would probably have to go on further to more bullshit, after his execution at age 33.

I am now in the stage where everyone wants to jump onto this longevity wagon. They literally want to listen more. My appointments for longevity talk are filling up fast. Just today, at one stage, even the waitresses stopped serving and started to listen attentively, oblivion to their master's calling.

At the end, the waitresses thanked me for enlightening their lives with hope. I smiled. I am on my way to become god.

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