Thursday, 6 February 2014

p.Enemy at the Gate

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A blood relation chided me for being a bastard in the way I treated my adversaries.

I smiled.

I explained to him that you can try your best to be honest and good. You treat everyone fairly and honorably, but not every one will return that honesty. When driven and tested to the extreme, the adversaries will turn vicious and ugly. They have no choice as they were driven by their own higher needs than to be honest. They schemed and they scammed. Although they behaved perfectly in front of you all these times, but once tested, they failed bad.

I have likened this phenomenon to car accidents. On the road, you could have been the most safe pedestrian. You watch your roads and you obey all traffic signs. But, an intoxicated car driver could mount a curb, beat the lights and hit you on the wrong side. Here you are perfectly obedient, perfectly safe, but your adversary is not. He hits you with no better reason than being drunk, which again got nothing to do with you directly. But, you are involved with him in the end with an accident.

What I am trying to say is when the guy turned adversary, you can't reason with him anymore than talking to a raging bull. You have to execute a kill.

In a way, you must always have a drawer plan to execute a kill at all times.

They will turn in the most vicious arguments and disregard any kindness you have extended to them in the past. They have no regard to your good character and might even use that good character to tuck at you making a mistake.

Execute that drawer plan with exact timings and resources. There is no other way.

My blood relation smiled back. He understood the issue at hand.

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