Saturday, 27 September 2014

b.3rd Country - The Awakening (Part 4)

The last part is here:   3rd Country - The White Land is Not White

The key difference between a guy like a pinoy and a fucken is that a pinoy can just go directly to save and buy his houses in pinoyland, but a fucken can't. A fucken has no home to return to. Hence, the trick is to think through a scheme to make that happen:

The issues:
  • Freehold - This is an important criterion. Unfortunately though, many countries are closed to this type of purchase by foreigner. So a careful selection is needed. Strata properties are no good for this purpose. The properties are not well-maintained in this respect.
  • Residence - Many countries don't allow permanent residency with no investment for old fucks. Again, this must be thought through. Some residency are simply impossible.
  • Healthcare - What happen if you are sick? I am glad to say that the west is not going to give free healthcare soon enough. Hence, we are very much left on our own. Hence, the move to a third country is a must.
  • Cost of Living - Usually this is not an issue. Quite low fee.
  • Small Business - No matter how rich you are. It is unlikely to have so much money that one need not work. So a small business is good for the soul. At least dementia don't come in so soon.
The solution:
  • Fuck your way to a residency - Divorce your damn wife and marry a lass from that country. You will access to all landed properties at super low cost.
  • Investment Residency - There are already plenty of write-ups on how cheap this can be.
  • Trust a relative - As the saying goes, good luck!
The choice:
  • Stay in locality - Self-explanatory. No where else in this whole wide world is going to accept you.
  • Advanced - More advanced countries like mudland and pinoyland are more expensive. 
  • Laid-back - So if you are poor, try cheaper options like Buddhaland, muddyland, congland, camland or even budland. They are cheap and affordable. But most people still try their luck in the first option above.
  • Just stay - Who cares! There are not enough laws to prevent staying. Just stay as long as possible and find your way out. This option is for poor bastards. Somehow you can get a work permit option going soon enough. With your slightly better education, hopefully you can get by. No say, I no give answer.
Do this after you have settled your kiddos' needs.

Personal Choice:

I have already bought my first property in the 3rd country and on the way to buy the next one for rental. Soon I will be buying another commercial property for my small business. I will move in to stay after at least 10 more years in white land. Meanwhile, I still have to man my white farms, fuck them!

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