Monday, 8 September 2014

p.The Meaning of Hope

The last part is here:   Holocaust II - Dr Calhoun's experiment on humans

I have not been writing much as I see no new materials that matter.

But, now I see a slight distress from The Broken Dream.

Sigh! The human race is a bastard. Its own worst enemy is the fellow humans themselves. So how can one seek council from their own kind. It is important that one realises the grim truth than to hide their heads in the sand and hope like hell they will come across a kind soul. Sorry, babe, no chance.

This might be a long post as I have not been writing much, so a little constipation at work.

What I am writing is only my view and one should just take what I wrote with a huge dose of salty garbage.

Let's take it one step at a time:
  • Migrate to a white land (or foreign land) - This is of zero choice. You continued to stay in that fucken little island, one day, you will be sucked bone-dry and your spare parts sold not in your name. Meantime, better don't fall sick. Therefore, take heart that it was a good initial decision. Let's take a recent story - A pinoy aged 40-50yo migrated to white land. He makes 3.5k per month. He don't buy any property in white land. He just saved like hell and made use of the milk bottle money to feed his daughters for super good angmo education. He understood that in 10-15 years, he would return to pinoy land to retire. He and his brothers in pinoy land was planning to build apartment blocks in his home town for rentals. Smart boy. He understood that what he made in white land would never be enough to buy any damn thing reasonably. All the good jobs were taken by the whites and he was an unqualified nobody doing fuck-all menial tasks which the whites shunt. That's jobs available for Asians in general. See: His education was only diploma in warehousing but he exhibited intelligence beyond his education level. He deserved to win in the end. He never complain once about the hard menial task he was undertaking. His savings were 4 months of his former salary pure cash for every month he worked and saved.
  • Working for Others - There is not a single chance that one can make it, unless one is young and educated (qualified) in the white land from the word go. Even between provinces, they stopped auto-conversion and transfer of qualifications. But, starting to work for others must be the humble first step for fresh immigrants. Stay away from being employed by fellow Asians or yellowskins. They would be more fuckened that the little white fuckens. Therefore, move towards doing business as soon as possible.
  • Saving for Property Investments - Buying a small place to stay near the place of work is important but not truly necessary. Rentals are still too cheap to start the business of property buying. Further, most white properties are made of paper. So maintenance would be too high and it's worth nothing if one must pay so much for a paper house. Do remember the three piglets story with the big bad wolf. Don't let the dream clouds one's vision.
  • Investment in Properties - There are a million place around the world for cheap and good property investments. One just need to think very hard if one's keen to invest in properties. Buying a property near the work place is great but not absolutely a must. Who knows? Tomorrow one might find a new better paying job and one has to move.
  • The Myth of Expensive Property - Buying something that is so expensive that the banks are involved is a true joke. Why burn one's life candle for the luxury of a paper house? Buy concrete or pure land lah!
  • That Fuckened Little Island - For the pinoy story I highlighted. He can be made clever. He worked in a white land, he made 40-50 times his foreign exchange (do read up my essay on foreign exchange, a yellowskin engineer is paid the same in cash terms as the white engineer in white land) in salary. He saved like hell and he was able to transfer that forex advantage back home. But, fuckened little islanders can't do that. So this is a cute little puzzle that one has to solve. Savvy?

Caveat Emptor:
I didn't lay out the actual investment strategy one can undertake. One has to do their own home work. Recently I had a 25yo pinoy wanting to ask for advice. I asked her what's on her mind? She said I am one of the most frank strangers she has met, she wanted me to be her foster father. "Sugar daddy?" I asked. She said no. She already had a boyfriend back in pinoy land. She clarified that she just need me to pamper her, take care of her, buy things, give her advice on investment ideas, ferry her to and from huge shopping malls. I swallowed hard. I never knew pinoy land also got golden pussies. 

What I did was to just ignore her totally. She then cried to me every day, saying that she missed home and wanted to go home. I replied calmly that she can go home for all I care. I am no easy meat.

She then tried to rub her tiny titties on me ... Sigh ... Honey traps exist even in a god-forsaken place like my igloo?

If you still believe that you have a broken dream? Think again. Imagined you are still stuck in that fuckened little island? Small or no means to compete with the white richie richs? Then fight them not on local terms but open your horizon and do an OTHT - Over-The-Horizon-Targeting on them. Notice some of these whites never even go to the other cities for shopping. They are also truly poor.

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