Wednesday, 17 September 2014

b.Education - Bluff A Lifetime of Wealth

The last part is here:   A Legend Re-Told All Over Again

~!@#!$#%$&^%*&^(*&)(*_) later ...

A friend just called my bluff. She said if education is not important in my latest essay. Then, why did I said education was important in my other essays? Isn't that fucking contradictory?

To me, education represents a form of thinking, 思维 (Capital - Inner Core). I would like to leave it at that. Education must transcend all earthly aspirations.

For a minimum degree holder, a bachelor degree will allow the guy to break free from the mother's apron tie. His 思维 will enable him to learn things independently. He does not need help from any quarters. He is his own man. Given enough thinking, he will be able to solve his own problem-sum.

In white land, unless one is groomed to be politician or statesman, education is nothing more than an entry to jobs. They are not at all in the 思维 class.  Together with racism, you can't really do very well in white jobs. Do remember in my recent memories, only Wang laboratories (1951-1992) did chinaman proud. Not even yahoo! Therefore, to succeed in white land as a chinaman is impossible. So don't try. Even then, why does one need to do so well as to be a named entity?
  • If one were to migrate at 0-30 yo (following parents), then good class education will allow one to be rich fastest. Have a good early start. You may buy white properties at will but limiting to just 1-2 maximum. You can't take hardship. One's life is too easy and one simply can't stoop low and work hard. If one is willing to be a doctor of sorts, the money is even faster. Most whites are ultra lazy and depended on the state for food. They are very poor. Many don't even have a passport to travel.
  • If one were to migrate at 30-50 yo (as a main bread-winner), then god blessed you. One's previous qualifications are fucked. So no education to talk about, hence one needs a legend to boot, i.e., pure fucking hard work for 50 years. One will have to work at menial tasks shunt by the whites. Can one take it? The money is so small that one has only enough to feed the body and shelter. The left-over is so small that one can't even contemplate buying any white property. It is simply not enough. That's why the whites are so willing to approve your immigration. Savvy?
  • If one were to migrate at 50-60 yo (as a rich man), then truly there is nothing to worry about except for deportation. Spend enough residence time and pay one's taxes, the government-of-the-day will love one deep deep.
Most of us unfortunately belongs to the sandwich class 30-50yo. So pick one's fight and game the world.

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