Sunday, 28 September 2014

b.3rd Country - Feelings (Part 5)

The last part is here:   3rd Country - The Awakening (Part 4)

A rolling stone never gathers moss. Sad but true. But, if we use foreign exchange to our advantage, then there is a possibility to live happily ever after.

Living in Buddhaland? A slum? You must be kidding. They have one of the most beautiful and nice gals on earth. Their food is one of the best in the world. That sourness is poorly replicated in pinoyland. Pinoyland also has all kinds of sourness - sour pork, sour veggies, sour noodles, fuck! everything is sour. My friend from there refused to visit me for the longest of time. He had at least 20 gfs to boot. He lives like an emperor on earth. His wifey don't give him shit, even though she graduated from the very top university on earth. See! Buddha taught her well. His refrigerator factory is the largest in Buddhaland. Once, he even asked me why did I spend my useless life in that fuckened little island? He couldn't understand. He now partnered one of the largest car manufacturers in the world for spare parts. Opportunities are so immense that he couldn't understand why I am worried about having a shelter over my head?

Like yoda in the star wars, we must learn to search our inner feelings. We must not be bothered by earthly distractions. Flow (leave) if we must. There should never be a feeling of loss. The feeling of loss is just temporary, it is a tool used by the white fuckens to hold us back. There is no ties. There is not even an identity.

Even if I am super poor, my simple salary saved (after expenses) as a grain collector in white land can buy me a full landed house in 1 year in a nice place within the capital in all of the 3rd countries. Within 10 years, I would have owned more than 10 houses. How can that be sad?

The Legend Retold has gone to the white casino with a huge mudland's flag floating today. Guess what? The white casino is opened by the casino in the mudland. He spent happily. He is at last home. No more french fries, no more tongue-twisting words. His kiddos refused to join him in his home coming, but I think given time, this path would again be replayed through the generations to come.

Once I was in Congland. The fucking chinatown spoke only Cantonese. The restaurant owner asked me how was that fuckened little island? I asked why? She said she was once from there but she was forced to move. I asked why again?  She said she was wanted by the white fuckens for drug trafficking. Wow ... Now she owned houses, restaurants and nice hotels. She asked me to deliver something back to her mum without tracks. I replied humbly yes. She gave me a treat in abalone and seafood. She said eat at her restaurants and mentioned her name. The restaurants would not bill me.

Looking back ... I do have many true friends I met along the way. All true and without pretence. Maybe, that's the way it is. A true path for the weary ...

This last part ends the essay on the 3rd country. I have not visited budland nor camland. But I am sure they are not so bad. It is just a matter of freedom of choice. My friend runs a 5-stars hotel in budland. He would have given me a headstart too.

Lastly, for those who love the cooler weather and loving connection to the white fuckens, there is also the geniland not far away from the large land of the south. Everything the island has are smuggled from the white fuckens of that fuckened little island. That CCB white fuckens claimed that they were legitimate tradesmen from government-linked companies. CCB. Currently, geniland don't even have a McDonald nor escalator yet. Just achieved independence. Good fun playing there too. My friend is a senior banker in Asia Bank. He would give a leg up there too if I so chooses. He said good food, good body guards, good hotels and good gals.

Oops! Just check the map, there is also lousyland too. So many choice.

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