Friday, 4 January 2013


In life, there are always misses. It is not easy to find the right one to fill that gap. Get an intelligent one, she is too cunning to be of any fun. Get a silly one, she is not intellectually fun enough.

I have long learnt to let go. I just enjoy the breeze that cools my head. There is no need for perfection. I am also not perfect. So why chase that perfection when I am not even perfect.

I just gotten news that I am invited to join an acting crew. I am also part of the creative team. hehehehe ... going to create some kick-ass things for myself to enjoy ...
Fortunately, I have the internet. My friend is the internet. I can now feel as Chinese as I want to be in a foreign land.

Some notes on assimilation:   Don't bother to assimilate with the angmos. It is a waste of time. The glass ceiling is real. Also no point trying to assimilate with the chinaman from other places. It is also a waste of time. Sometimes I even find it a waste of time to assimilate even my own kind. They are usually cunning and a pure waste of time. Why, you ask? Because most of them are poor, they have no time to entertain the poorer me.  Once they find that I am not going to buy a house through them, not going to buy insurance through them, not contracting them to build my little house, not going to visit their little restaurant, not going to rent their little house, not going to buy their hawkered wares. They stop entertaining me instantaneously. Their rate of change of face is priceless. I always enjoy my little inner peace and smile.

Do I therefore need friends in a foreign land? Maybe. Mostly NO. I build my own reality. I play my own toys.

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