Sunday, 6 January 2013

b.Big Business Starts Small (II)

The last part is here:   Big Business starts Small

Baby turkeys are deadly cute. Once they are grown, can't even get near them. I still find it too fierce for my liking. But, the advantage I don't need to apply for permits to keep them. They don't form part of the chicken quota. They need small space and low feeding needs. Their shit can also become fertilizers for my other stuff. But, human care is high. Still thinking.

Quite a few guys in the past asked me this question: Can small business grow big?

My answer is definitely yes. Recent technology examples are apple, google, yahoo, microsoft, hotmail, facebook and many others. I don't bother about other examples or counter-examples in other fields. There is no need to disprove me. I don't really bother.

Most small businesses can recover their entire capital within 1 year of operations. That's fun because the following year, you don't even need to feed it but to collect another year's worth of capital.

Assuming that you don't need the return of capital, by the turn of the first year, you would have enough to ploy back into the same business and start another unit of capital production. By the end of the 2nd year, you would have 2 full units working hard for you and produces 2 more units of capital factory. Most commonly known as exponential growth. In a few short years, the amount of money generated from the business would have been strong enough for you to quit any time-job and start shaking leg.

There wouldn't be any great change in the lifestyle initially. But, just work at it for 10 years. You will marvel at the power of multiplication. At this stage, you wouldn't bother about cashflow as cashflow is as sure as the rising sun of the east.

How much to work on from then on is entirely up to the individual. Lifestyle becomes a reality.

There is of cos one caveat emptor:   You must not borrow from the bank to start your first unit of capital production. Once the borrowing starts, you will not see daylight again. You would be like a vampire trying to suck other humans for nourishment. Initially, some humans are easily tricked and you are filled. But, given time, no fools will join the feeding.

When the day finally breaks, so will the vampire.

How small is small? Try to be as small as possible, build towards recovery within 1 year of operations. Even in the event that it is not good enough, it will still recover some cash that can be put towards the next adventure.

How important is the content of the business? Initially content of the business is everything. The higher the content, the lower the start-up capital needs. After that, move away from content-intensive businesses and do only high-capital intensive businesses.

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