Sunday, 6 January 2013

b.Strategy - The Art of Anger Management

Pigs are something that is worth a fortune. They are sold at prices not far from the cows. Most pig farmers are rich beyond measure. But, pigs are also know to kill. Recently, a pig farmer was killed and fully eaten by the pigs. So .... hmmm ...

Never be quick to anger. Anger only shows weakness in one's character. If you face a gal, don't be angry if she stops to date you, stops to be nice to you, stops to answer your calls, stops to let you touch her, stops to give you a decent answer as to her whereabout in the night before.

Similarly in business, don't be angry over little or large injustice done to you. Don't be angry when there are only full oligopolies around and you can't get your foot into the game. This is how the business game works. There are no quarters given to newcomers.

Don't be angry over studies in a foreign land that is tough. Nobody owes you a living. You have to be patient and super hard-working to overcome these initial barriers. In time, these barriers will help you to fend off other newcomers. So these barriers are not against you in the first place. They are just that barriers. These barriers are good at their job. Learn to overcome them and they in turn will become barriers to others protecting your treasures.

Many things can make one's angry. If one's angry, all things are lost. As I said before, anger shows weakness. What kind of weakness? It shows that you are worried sick about the things going around you. It shows that you are not on top of things. It shows that you are too into that one gal in your life. It shows that you can't solve that problem sum. If this gal doesn't love you, try the next much prettier sweet young thing.

Things in life happen slowly. You can't buy that house cos you don't yet have the money. You can't fly cos you haven't yet save enough for that air ticket. The magic word is yet. In time, you would save enough for that thing. One simply has to be patient. Don't compare with the Jones. You are not them nor they you. If you really want to compare, why don't compare yourself with the homeless. If ever that makes you feels better.

Don't ever begrudge you-know-who. That fucker's great grandfather might even have been born in local soil. You can never challenge his upbringing. He is way better rooted than all of us combined. His father is in the civil service collecting information about how to best project his son forward. At that time, some of our forefathers are still fucking the floor with bags of rice that don't belong to them.

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