Friday, 24 January 2014

g.The Inevitable Meeting of Minds

The last part is here:   Show - 非常完美 (2014)

Time has gone by in great leap. In the group, there were 7 guys and 4 gals. Originally they have all agreed to meet for the coming chinese new year at a particular place and have some fun as well as in catching up with the old times. Inevitably out of the blue, one of the guys suggested that I joined in the fun. I replied that I might not fit in so well. It's been so long and I am now but a lowly roughneck. The guys and gals are currently the head honchos of their respective industries. He said never mind, it's only a gathering. To be courteous, he announced my impending arrival, but not on the chinese new year, I am busy with my own stuff. Immediately, all the gals privately messaged and sought to meet me in private. Of course, being a chee-ko-pek, I agreed to all their requests. Suddenly all the gals announced in the group that they are no longer interested in the chinese new year get-together.  (._.)

The guy then asked me what had happened? I replied in the negative. The guys were perplexed as to what has transpired between the gals and me. They felt slighted.  (._.)

One of the gals has a 2-year old kid and freshly divorced. Another one is also a divorcee but no kiddo. I shan't reveal all as that might cause a confluence of facts for truth identity.

I did tell the gals that I am a poor bastard and nothing good can come from me. I have no one and will have no one. The gals then proceeded to ask me what do I do for a living? I replied that I am singing a song to the birds in Indonesia. All of a sudden, they got excited. They asked, "Does it mean that they can keep their youth?" This time, I replied in the positive.

Gals are funny. Tell them the truth that I am working my ass off in a roughneck job. They will shunt me immediately. If I tell them I am jobless, keep very long hair, appear bad boy, but still give them nice treats, they fucking won't never believe I am indeed a roughneck. They immediately concoct for themselves an adventure that is out of this world. An adventure full of dangers, deceit and rich rewards. But, frankly, how many of us have such fortune?

It is amazing that gals can fall for such deceitful words of rhyme.

On the other hand, the guys were slighted by me as they felt short-changed that a simple encounter with me and the gals can cause the gals to shunt their well-organised party. I am sorry.

The reason for my so-called "success" is because I have no dreams, no desires, no expectations. Gals find this characteristics very alpha and very mysterious. I must have many gals in my life so much so that I can afford to sound so detached. Being so experienced, these gals would also wish to try the wares. But, these gals never know that there is another explanation to this attitude. It might be because my heart has grown very old and have become stone-cold.

The guys don't know that by clowning around, they will get the initial attention of the gals. But, the gals need further confirmation that the guy is strong beyond measure. When that happens, the gals will date you even if you are a Stonehenge.

So hone that weapon-of-choice beyond the reach of common folks. If you own just a humble birdhouse in Indonesia, do you think you are just a plain roughneck?

I am now buying rice from Belaga, Sarawak. Can you now deduce anything from that?

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