Monday, 27 January 2014

b.Passion Business VII - Cryptocurrency (II)

The last parts are here:   Passion Business VII - Cryptocurrency   and   Exploration - Fiat Currency

Before the new spring, already so happening. Never has my partner-in-crime supported an idea so out-rightly. When I explained the idea behind the cryptocurrency (hoping to drill it into a passion business), he was bored claiming that it will take a genius to work the algorithm. When I explained the concept of fiat currency (just an business exploration), he immediately pointed out these are two very different animals. After further explanation, the latter meant a totally different thing. He pointed out that one thing - xxxxx (for inner ring only). I was floored. He drew blood from the concept just like that. I was silent for a while.

He then suggested he will initiate the programming in good time. As programmers, I believe we belong to the original breed. His programming is scarily good. Finally, we have a mobile phone app in good time. He claimed this is a huge project on its own. I was pleased.

When I rehashed the concept to a friend. She immediately pointed out that it meant only one thing - xxxxx. I was flabbergasted. How can I be so dumb as to the true meaning of my discovery?

This concept has been on my mind for the better of 10 years. I have done talking, programming and negotiations, but yet I never manage to bring to fruit. Although this time it is still on paper. But, our progress is way, way ahead. Together with my partner-in-crime, we already saw its possibilities.

My friend after so many years has also grown in business feelings. She was a lot more agile in her criticisms.

Not a bad start indeed ... 黑皮 New Year.

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