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p.楚漢傳奇 (Part II)

The last part is here:   Show - 楚漢傳奇

This a second part discussion of  韩信 (Han Xin):

After Xiang Yu's death, China was unified under Liu Bang's rule, and Liu granted Han Xin the title of "King of Chu" in recognition of his contributions. Months later, Liu Bang declared himself Emperor of China and later became known as Emperor Gaozu of the Han Dynasty. 

In 202 BC, Zhongli Mo (one of Xiang Yu's generals), who was wanted by the Han government, came to Han Xin and requested for refuge. On account of their past friendship, Han Xin protected Zhongli Mo and let him stay in his house. When Emperor Gaozu heard that Zhongli Mo was hiding in Han Xin's fief, he ordered Han to arrest Zhongli, but Han refused. 

A year later, Gaozu heard rumours that Han Xin was plotting a rebellion. Chen Ping proposed to Gaozu to lure Han into a trap and capture him, on the pretext of ordering him to attend a meeting in Chen (present-day Huaiyang, Henan). Meanwhile, Zhongli Mo committed suicide to prevent Han Xin from getting into trouble. Han Xin brought Zhongli Mo's severed head to meet Gaozu later and explain his innocence, but Gaozu ordered Han to be arrested. Han Xin exclaimed, "It is true when people say: The hunting dog becomes food as well after it is used to hunt game; a good bow is discarded when there are no birds left for shooting; an advisor dies after he helps his lord conquer a rival kingdom. Now that the empire is in place, I no longer serve any purpose!" Although Gaozu pardoned Han Xin and released him later, he still demoted Han from "King of Chu" to "Marquis of Huaiyin".

After his demotion, Han Xin knew that Emperor Gaozu was beginning to distrust him and become more wary of him, because Han Xin had proven himself to be such a brilliant military leader that he even had the ability to seize Gaozu's empire for himself. Hence, Han Xin claimed to be ill and stayed at home most of the time to reduce Gaozu's suspicions. Around 197 BC, Chen Xi (Marquis of Yangxia) met Han Xin before leaving for Julu, requesting for Han's support in an uprising against the Han Dynasty. Not long later, Chen Xi rebelled and Gaozu personally led an army to suppress the rebellion. 

While Gaozu was away, Empress Lü Zhi heard rumours of Han Xin's involvement in the rebellion, and she plotted with Xiao He to lure Han into a trap. Han Xin was arrested and executed in a torturous manner in Changle Palace, along with his mother, wife and close relatives. Han Xin's clan was exterminated on the empress's orders as well. Upon his return from his campaign, Gaozu expressed both glee and regret when he learnt of Han Xin's death. He asked the empress for Han Xin's last words, which were, "I regret not listening to Kuai Tong's advice." 

In legend, Gaozu once promised Han Xin that if he "faced Heaven and stood firm on Earth" (頂天立地; i.e. remained loyal) to the Han Dynasty, he would not have Han Xin killed by any weapon used by soldiers. Hence, when Han Xin was executed, he was hung inside a great bell and pierced to death with swords made from wood or bamboo. As such, when he died, Han Xin was neither "facing Heaven" (because his body was covered by the bell) nor "standing firm on Earth" (because he was suspended inside the bell), and was not killed by any weapon used by soldiers (soldiers do not use wooden or bamboo swords).

My Comment 

Han Xin was a beautiful strategist and a master of warfare. But, as a general and user of man, he must be able to foretell his own fortune. He must never be an employee for all his life. No master would tolerate an over-powering or bearing subordinate. Once the empire is secured, he would be removed.

Therefore no matter how strong you are in the big organisation, you will meet your end when the time is nigh. If you want to build an business empire, make sure you depend on nothing for that success. Only then, you will find peace and happiness. Han Xin was a good guy, but he trusted the wrong boss. Sometimes, you are classified as sexy by the boss only simply because you are still useful and non-replaceable or you have something the boss needs to execute his business tasks. I know that sounded ruthless in managing bosses. But how many bosses are not pure fuckens?  If you trust your boss, there is only one permanence, i.e., he will simply bite your ass when the time is right. 

Being an employee is alright. But, after having served and getting slaughter at the end is not my idea of retirement. Build some self-esteem! At least we determine our own fate. Fuckens are always there. Don't ever believe fuckens will think of you. They will praise you, use you, promote you, pamper you and kill you because you are getting too expensive to keep. Remember Boxer in the Animal Farm. He was Han Xin. Sad. Self-preservation is key.

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