Wednesday, 8 January 2014

p.The Path to be ...

The last part is here:   The End of Life and Death

Last night a phone call came and I was made to return to the place I once born.

Lots of memories flew by.

I especially like tulips. Maybe I like to go back to look at places I once spent time in.

Maybe it is time for me to confront my past and see through the old lens just once more.

So many things have passed me by but how many things did I truly treasure? Maybe not much.

Deep down I had always wanted people to accept me for who I am and not expect me to be who I cannot.

Although I had paid a very heavy price for dislocating, I would not regret it, I still yearn for that day when I can still stand tall and 笑看风云。

摸魚兒        金 元 好問
問世間 情是何物 直教生死相許
天南地北雙飛客 老翅幾回寒暑
歡樂趣 離別苦 就中更有痴兒女
君應有語 渺萬里層雲 千山暮雪 隻影向誰去

橫汾路 寂寞當年蕭鼓 荒煙依舊平楚
招魂楚些何嗟及 山鬼暗啼風雨
天也妒 未信與 鶯兒燕子俱黃土
千愁萬古 為留待騷人 狂歌痛飲 來訪雁丘處

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