Monday, 6 January 2014

b.Fuck the Grand Chieftains

The last part is here:   Exploration - The Meeting with Another Grand Chieftain

Fuck the grand chieftains and fuck politics. Politics remains one of the most difficult to manage. In politics, you must be able to show absolute loyalty and yet at the same time shows that you have other options. This finesse is very difficult to pull off. One wrong step - death ensues.

I have maintained radio silence for the last week or so as the battle of the crescent lake is concluding. I have finally been emplaced as its absolute supreme commander. The ownership of the spring is also mine. Resource like this don't come every day.

Right now, many guys who got wind of the new ownership come offering me lands and properties. One guy even suggested that I buy from him a 10,000 sq ft land with a two storey office block for a low 4-figure sum. In exchange, I give him some access to the spring water. I never know pure mineral water from the ground is such a sexy asset.

I feel power is the only way to win more battles. Even the president of a very powerful organisation has asked me to include him as a member in deciding the flow of the spring water. I am indeed humbled by the word power. No wonder fuckens are so drunk by the concept. The only difference is they can only have command over shit water, whereas I have pure water purified for millions of years by the granite rocks.

A victory of this nature only comes once in every 30 years. If you see one, grab it with honour. You should be able to feed your generations for at least 500 years.

With this resource, after paying tax, it will give me power to capture more resources. White crane asked me to service her well today as her father, grey hawk will extend his full finances to serve in my court.

I like playing with other people's money, but I like better if I can play other people's time.

Today, I must rest. I was made sick by the stress I felt over the past week.

To celebrate victory is good, but, be humbled by the given break is human.

I will, at this new year, renew my vow that I will serve non-fuckened families who are in need. I hope to give their future generations life. May they too feel love in a stone-cold night. Suddenly, my -50degC is all worth it. I thank tengri and my ancestors for giving me rest.

White crane asked me an interesting question today, "How many forbidden-city-and-tiananmen am I going to have?"

I answered sickly, "Way more than all the palaces combined. Forbidden-city-and-tiananmen is only 116 hectares in size."

Tengri and my ancestors have given me a brain not to abuse it in serving my own selfish needs, but to serve a greater good. May my wish and dream come true ...

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