Sunday, 19 January 2014

g.Show - 非常完美 (2014)

The last part is here:   The Adventure

The show is here:   非常完美 (2014)

"即使我不是你一生中第一个女人, 我想成为你最后一个女人."

Amazing words. If a guy faced with this phrase, that guy would have fallen under her spell. This is how amazing words can bring a message.

Guys are such simple folks. So easily persuaded.

This show is not as traditional as 非誠勿擾.

Women are the one element in Chinese society that has most reformed in modern China. Compared to the feudal era, Chinese women can now go to school, get high-paying jobs, and even choose their own husbands. However, this advancement of equal rights and empowerment hasn’t been matched by a tacit acknowledge of such progress; instead, Chinese women are even more demanding towards their prospective mates by issuing impossibly high conditions for men to satisfy them. As Sinopathic showed you previously in an online list of rules to identify the “Perfect Chinese Man“, it appears Chinese women don’t want to find a husband so much as they want to find another father to raise them. 

This motivation isn’t revealed on “Very Perfect”, but their ambition is.

This world has gotten so complex that gals have mutated to such a complex being, so much so that guys simply couldn't catch up at all. Guys nowadays are quite lost. Without assets provided by their previous generations, these younger generations simply have no chance.

I saw it within one generation of broken marriage, the kids were literally destroyed by the bad side effects. The rate of destroyed marriages is so high now that it is almost impossible for kids to grow up comfortably. For these kids to survive, it is going to be real tough. I apologize for their pain. I wish I could have done better.

Apology is never enough, action must speak louder than mere words.

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