Monday, 10 June 2013

b.xox - The Beginning of Farming

Must get this thought process out of my poor brain. ("xox" means no good to try)

This is fucking difficult. If you look at China, every fucker gets out of the padi fields and come to town. You look at the white lands, all agricultural states have reducing populations year after year. They have to pack up their population through immigration. But, even those Burmese and fucker Vietcons are running away from their adopted host agricultural provinces after 25 years of trying. Nearer town, chinamen from Malaysia are all heading towards that fucken little island for cosy office jobs. Farming is a joke to one and all.

Farming is no joke. You cut short your useful life by smoking weed. Why? Because it is so fucking hard work and there is no fun. No woman folks will want to stay in a farm. Given a choice they would rather do prostitution in town.  男盗女娼 ... 杀人放火金腰带,修桥补路无尸骸 ... They can't live a day of the hard life.

The value produced by the farm crops  are actually very high, i.e., they feed the populace. But, their technology is very low, i.e., the barrier of entry is very low. Once you have 10 out of 10 people claim that they can do farming, you are screwed. So, fucken leaders such as the kings, queens and knights like to downplay their contributions. They grant them low wages and keep them under leash. (I have always suggested doing only what-2-out-of-10-people-can-do businesses, the work stress is greatly reduced.)

Farm produces are generics. I am totally against generics. There is no product differentiation. Hence, you will be damn stupid to plant wheat and corn and hope like hell you will make it. You wouldn't. The weather will break you. Also, their final sale prices are absolutely controlled by the middlemen and they fuck you up good.

But, I am different. I am willing to work hard. I will not back out, one lor. Maybe. I admired that spirit of yours. Cows always work very hard, but they ended up you know where. Question: Why do you need to bang your head against that immense wall. Millions, if not, billions before you have tried and failed. Learn lessons from history, my partner-in-crime once taught me.

But, there must be a way out, you bet!

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