Thursday, 27 June 2013

b.Land - Church - The graveyard

The last part is here:   Land - Church - a worked example

One blood, one closed-kaki and one friend have endorsed the idea of me buying a tall, tall church. The only hurdle left is my partner-in-crime. I need his blessing.

The white agent today just buzzed me again to test my resolve in buying the church. She said the owner has agreed to throw in a 1000-grave graveyard if I buy the church. I asked her what the hack I need to have so many graves. She said I'll soon be a Father to my flock of sheep and will have many responsibilities both alive and dead. I replied huh? I felt like a lamb put to the slaughter house by my agent. I thought don't I need a license and a degree in biblical study. Can make money this way? She said I can convert it to another religion if I want to later, if things don't finally work out. I said ohhh, like this, also can meh? She is so sweet and accommodating. As I was talking to her, some one on the street just gave me a book of Mormons - a cult - a religion that practises multiple sex partnerships. How coincidental. My dream comes true. I like. Indeed this is my true calling. I must listen to God liao. Quick-hand, quick-leg, man. LOL.

Based on my personal analysis, this church does contribute to my grander of plan. So here I am, standing up to be counted. I hope history would be kind to me when my future generations start to judge. I thought I am strange, the truth stranger.

Meanwhile, I need luck to close this case fast, once my kind partner-in-crime agrees.

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