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b.Passion business III - Swiftlets' Needs

The last part is here:   b.Passion businesses III - Bird's Nest (as a)

Some learnings from the web:
All I need is to pull as many birds into the entrance hole and pull them to the back rooms (VIP rooms).
Once they entered I need to provide them with everything that I know that will force them to stay.
1) They love to stay on those internal sound tweeters.  I provide them at least 300 tweeters a floor.
2) They love to build their nest on those fake nests.  I have a couple of hundred waiting to receive them.
3) The love to stay in dark places.  The partition prepared block direct sunlight from entering the VIP room.  The top floor is with not only VIP room but also VVIP room.
4) They love internal sound that have lots of baby sounds plus mating calls.  This is where I have specially prepared a mating combined with those baby sounds.
5) They love to feel at home with those rotting bird shit on the floor.  I have more than 15 bags of fresh bird shit specially brought in from Gambang Pahang.
6) They love to be inside a cool and wet room.  The BH was specially installed with Bubble sheet heat shield product plus a number of mist makers.  There are two wet floors created plus a water fall.
7) They might love to eat some  small insects.  I am sure it will be provided.
What more can be added to make them love this BH more than their own home beside this new BH?
I have something new that I wanted to try.
What I love to try inside this BH is some steel bars that I recently ordered from a machine shop about 5 units away.
I remember visiting a BH in Setiawan Perak that mesmerized me.
During one of my visit inside this BH I realized something strange on the way a line of bird shit spots on the floor.
There was not a single tweeter or fake nests installed above every bird shit spot.
What attracted those birds were those steel angle used to anchor the nesting planks with the cement ceiling.
The steel angles looks old and covered with oxide.
The oxide layer or the cold metal surfaces must have attracted those swiftlet to erect their nests on these angle bars.
So for this particular BH I planned to install about 160 pieces of this special steel bar with a layer of oxide on the surface.
The oxide layer shall be from the reaction with salt water. 

There is nothing wrong if you wanted to learn on how to inspect a sick BH.
You can learn the basic and improve along the way.
My method is simple to apply.
All you need are some sharp eyes and a mind with the list of possible reasons why these sick BHs are not doing well.
Check the outside before entering inside.
Look at the floor and after that ceiling.
Check the sound system for any poor setting on the amplifiers used.
Check both the internal and external sounds used. When was the last time the sounds were installed?  Are the sound still relevant or attractive?
Check the volume played.
Once you are inside the BH try to start the inspection from the top most floor.  Get your self to the main entrance hole area.
Look at the direction of the main opening.  It is facing the east or other direction.
Look at the number of tweeters installed and how do they orientate each of them.
Are there any hexagonal tweeters?
Do the tweeters arranged in a proper sequence to pull those wild birds into the nesting rooms.
How bright is the light at the entrance hole area plus the rest of the room?
What about the nesting planks arrangements? Any wide gaps with the ceiling?
The number of internal tweeters installed.
Are there any fake nests installed?
Are there any signs of predators like owl, rats, ants, cockroaches, tokek and others inside?
Do some checking for any bird shit spots on the floor.
Are those bird shit fresh or old?
Are there any markings on the nesting planks?
What about the water spray system? Are there any?  Are they working properly?
What about owner's log book?  If yes try to vet the pages.
Once you have all the answers try to come out with the best reasons why this BH is not doing well.
You can come out with the various recommendations that will help to reactivate the BH.
All that you need is to be as precise as you can to help the owner with his problems.
If he is smart enough he might be able to repair the BH by himself.

Swiftlet farmers cry foul 

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