Thursday, 27 June 2013

b.Passion business I - Red Sorghum Wine

The last part is here:   Passion business I - My first Humble Step

Today a group of kind Taiwanese treated me to their version of red sorghum. It was marked 58% alcohol. It was sweet scented and very fiery to the stomach. They talked enthusiastically about my winery license and operation. Red Sorghum made its way to Taiwan after the fall of Kuomintang in 1949 where thousands of soldiers left their mainland china homes to flee to Taiwan. The Taiwanese then defiantly stuck to Kinmen Kaoliang, their version of the red sorghum wine, while the ancient Red Sorghum remained deeply rooted in China as their better version.

Among them, a confidante of Kinmen Kaoliang then mentioned plans about moving that recipe to white land. I just smiled.

Maybe I have real fun after all.

Project Update:
(2)   The authority wants a copy of my business plan, so cleaning its odds and ends up before submission. The infrastructure build-up cost is high. Not a good sign.

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