Tuesday, 18 June 2013

b.Happiness - 0.0001492194674+1 (0.00%) 18 Jun 2013

The last part is here:   b.Happiness - 1.032375+3 (0.093852%) 30 May 2013 and b.Bank Lelong (Auction).

he he he ... I had grown again. This time although not very much but had loads of fun.

The bank lelong was beautifully executed with no competitive bidders. Previously, we were swamped by 5-10 bidders, making final bid prices almost double that of the starting bids. Naturally, we played them by bidding at prices just slightly beyond our comfort zone, but, due to pride, they out-bidded us by a strange mile. The results were bad, they could easily have bought them cheaper from the open market without having to bid well beyond what they were actually worth. The auctioneers were smiling at us when the final bids were made. They have earned bigger commissions overall.

To sum:   This is a good starting point for us. There is nothing new to learn except to practise more frequently whenever needs arise.

The next target is to play in the more difficult field - Agricultural Land. This is to deal with the b.Passion business III.

Project Update:
(1)   Housed property secured.

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