Wednesday, 16 October 2013

b.xox - The Enslavement of a Young Pinoy

The last part is here:   xox - The City of Rats

Just spoken to a 25yo pinoy. I hate pinoys. They cheat, they lie, they con, they steal and they do things that of a city scorn. Despicable and unforgivable. They infested the white land like the yellow locusts. Everywhere you see them setting self-interest-groups in oblivion of everyone else. I guess all of Indians must have hated all these intrusions into their quiet life. First, invaded and raped by the whites. Then, invaded and raped by the blacks, yellows and browns. Frankly I am no different. Awhile back, I suggested setting up the 四合园 to house our workers and sing only chinese songs. The chinamen were beaming with pride. They managed to talk non-stopped for half-a-day. Indeed I have made them dreamed a little away from their dreaded miseries for a short while.

He started work as a grocery store assistant immediately after his studies in white land. Back in his pinoyland, he is considered a rich family member. His migration slant was investment class. Over the years, his family lost it all. Currently, he has no skills.

Once he managed to get a job, he immediately applied for a car loan and bought himself a big, big white land car. He has to pay the car loan over the next 8 years. All these he claimed is to make his gf's family happy. He hoped to win the heart of the young gal and hoping to get married real soon. His gf now is a nurse, earning quite a sizable sum (nearly 3 times) as compared to his miserable minimum pay. He therefore needs to loan his way to her pussy.

He then explained his dream about starting a tourist agency and buying a big house in the heart of town in the coming few years.

I smiled.

He has caught the famous white land's dream. He was simply not happy with a 8-year car loan, he now wanted a 30-year house loan. By the time, he is out of it, he would be in his 50-60s. Another 30 more years, he would be a dead meat. If he is not careful and continues his white land's dream, he would buy a bigger house and be bonded till 75yo, leaving only another 15 more years before he closed shop at 90 years of age. If he has done it in a far away fucken little island, he would have banged his balls for achieving nothing as he is due to hand over the property for free just 9 years after he is declared a dead meat, making a ripe 99 years worth of slavery.

But, but, but ... Properties in white land are freehold. Wouldn't that make a difference? Always remember: The capital of Roman Empire was Rome. Look at Rome now, nowhere close to its former glory. 北京 (Beijing) was only a recent capital of the chinaman empires. Previously, the capital was in 洛陽 or even 開封. Look at 洛陽 and 開封, nowhere nearly as glorious. Therefore, if you stick to city purchases right from the word go, you are already made a slave - no more hope to fight the evil empire. How much do you think you can make by becoming a grocery store assistant (pinoy boy) or a nurse (pinoy gal) in a city setting where everything is made so expensive and unreasonable? You may make it big but you spend bigger. Then, where are your marbles at the end of this exercise?

I loved this enslavement, else I wouldn't be so at peace with my invasion plan of the land of crescent moon lake. Crimson queen just called me to bring me my much needed food supplies. She is proving to be a reliable ally in this game.

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