Tuesday, 29 October 2013

b.Strategy - Sexy Business of Illegality

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Illegality is defined as "unlawfulness by virtue of violating some legal statute".

My partner-in-crime is at it again, dishing out his wisdom again.

As in all my essays, every essay advocated honesty and legality as the weapon-of-choice. But, this is real shitty work. Honest and legal businesses are very hard on the cash component. You need years before you are established in the business, meantime every competitor will take pot-shots at you always to test your resolve. If luck has it, you will survive and you make a bundle of cash at the end of 10 long years. The question is always if you do finally survive the test, if at all.

My partner-in-crime suggested another slightly different route. He said that the reason why illegal businesses are very lucrative but very short-lived is the illegality supplies an unfulfilled demand eagerly. Businesses like illegal bets taking, smuggling un-dutied cigarettes and alcohol and transporting any contra-bands of war are very, very lucrative, but if caught, very bad for health. But, the odds are so good that some guys would just take the plunge and do it. But, the green envy of those around the illegal business guy would turn-coat on him and do him in in time, in fact, very short time later.

He suggested that pure illegal businesses are really bad for health. However, fortunately for all of us, there are millions of businesses that are legal and yet bordering on illegality. For example, Steve Jobs just went around copying technologies and published them as Apple's own. In the end, Apple made tons of money. In the process, the original technology owners would threaten to sue Apple for recovery. Steve would just offer undefined out-of-court tiny settlements to quiet these poor folks down.

The lesson in this, my partner-in-crime said, is to do a pure, pure legal business is very hard to make instant money, one has to wait for a long time. But, if the legal business borders on marginal illegality, you will suddenly find lots of cash coming through. The trick is even if you get caught, the cost is not high. It is just a mere cash payment. Nothing serious. If in the event, you are not caught, then the cash you gathered would have very, very positive effect on your ability to survive and sustain business.

Do be safe. Take only very small steps that have no criminal liabilities.

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