Friday, 25 October 2013

p.The High Orgre Feast

The last part is here:   Bally Shoes, The Orgre King Calls

Bally shoes, the orgre king gave me a bear hug when we arrived. Crimson queen gave a quick dagger snare to dare bally shoes into hugging her.

The high feast was sumptuous and very indian. Drinks were ample and gals were beautiful. I was given lotsa eye candies.

At the end, we all adjoined to another private chamber and only bally shoes, crimson queen and me were left. I found it odd as orgre king for all his physical strength was no match to a sorceress' spell at close range. The door was then closed behind us. The orgre king was taking a big, big risk with us.

Out of the blue, bally shoes stepped forward and pulled at his face. Out came a very fleshy well-made mask. Behind that mask, revealed a brownish face with very hard lines.

Crimson queen and I gasped for air. The orgre king was not a white, but a fucking yellowskin, like all of us, a fucking red indian.

Bally shoes gave a wry smile and continued, "We, northern yellow orgres, keepers of our faith to Auterium, were in disguise for too long."

I was then told by bally shoes that in the beginning, there was great peace and tranquility till the white orgres came. The whites plundered the land and raped their women. The yellow orgres prayed to Auterium every day for deliverance from the white orgre evil that swept the land.  Now, another yellowskin, me, came along with great military strength knocking at his door baying for blood. As he finished, his eyes were down-casted, hollow and dangerously clear. It was as if if I were to throw a coin into his eye. The coin would dropped in and one could never hope to hear a splash.

I interjected, "Sire, we are now at war and unless the battle outcome is final, the dogs of war would never stop."

Bally shoes replied, "There is always a way if the will is strong."

I asked, "Tell me. Noble king. What can we settle?"

Bally shoes gave a heavy sigh and continued softly, "I knew the reason for your impending invasion, but, to try to win it by force is never wise. I will leave this land and give you possession!"

Sweet music to my ears. I looked at crimson queen and signaled to her that indeed, she was my lucky charm. What can I do without her.

I asked softly too, "Go on then ..."

Bally shoes expounded, "I will leave this land, but you must pay me double that of the land cost. One part is for me to buy another land but much further north than this land. The other part is to help my orgres to build better shelters than what they having now. That way, I believe they will still respect me as their king."

Money to me is not as valuable as a soldier's life. Money I can always earn back, but, a soldier's life lost to battle is permanent. Tho cost may have been higher, but saving my soldiers' lives beat all of the external tresses.

I shook bally shoes' hand and gave a deep bow. For one, bally shoes had avoided war and this might not have been a bad outcome for him. But, pushing his people further north into the bitterness of harsh cold climate was not a cheap price to pay in time. I could understand where he is coming from. A lonely and difficult decision for a king in continuous defeats. I felt deep pain in him.

I parted by saying, "My noble king. You can still have the land till summer next year."

Crimson queen and I walked quietly along the road towards our mountain encampment. For once, we were both very silent. I might have won the battle. Yet, it had this hollow ring to the outcome.

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