Wednesday, 9 October 2013

p.Greyhawk is Here

The last part is here:   Shows - Mongol (蒙古王) and 止杀令 

"My king, his excellency, greyhawk is here. He seeks your council ...", the chieftain of red chariots announced.

"Send him in. Bring him to the inner court ...", I replied and hurrily chased lotus and chrysanthemum away to the north chamber. I straightened up and walked leisurely to the inner court.

Greyhawk is the father of white crane. During his younger days, he owned 75% of white land's food chain. At the airports, he was the complete supplier of all airlines' food. His power was unmatched and his company listed in the white stock exchange. He lived in a house that has a swimming pool about half the size of a standard Olympic swimming pool. White crane learned her unparalleled wisdom from him. His military strategies were a result of 60 years of trial-and-error. His presence now is definitely not good news. His request of council was obviously a joke, remembering always that he has never sought council from me. I was considered too young and un-gifted in his eyes.


"Greetings! My king. You look good today," greyhawk gave me a wry smile. A bloody standard white man's way of starting a convo.

I asked, "Then to whose pleasure should I be enthused and indulged to believe, your excellency."

Greyhawk straightened up and said, "I heard from white crane that the battle of the land of crescent lake is nigh. Upon your conquest, you are determined to claim it and upon its extent, you intend to build the forbidden city (紫禁城) and the gate of heavenly peace (天安門). Their orientation points towards the north star (紫微垣)." Every fucking wise guy always likes to straighten up before replying. Very irritating way of imposing their influence.

I smiled happily and chipped, "Isn't it a great idea?"

He shouted back, "NO!" Wow ... Shit! Big show-down now. He continued, "The whites have ruled the earth for 2000 years. Although it is now time for their decline, they remained powerful for a while longer. You cannot underestimate their prowess. With the help of my daughter, white crane, and me, you would likely be successful in your quest. The ogres have received news of your march on them. They are now amassed at 2 million strong. They will not take this battle lying down!"

I enquired, "With my heavy archery and chariots, I estimated that although my numbers are fewer, I stand to fight every inch."

News has spread far and wide now. I believe the spies from the ogres had fedback to the ogre king that I am about to invade. I suspected bubble tea, the fucking elven king must have been instrumental to this leak. Doing battle is never a quiet task, to be able to hold our silence is quite key to our ultimate outcome of the battle. Now that the news were known. The element of surprise can never be used on this battle. The white ogres are now warned.

Meanwhile, bubble tea has been asking me to let him in. He even offered his sister as a bribe. He knew I was not into money matters. Girls remained my greatest weakness.

Snapping back to reality, greyhawk answered, "Here! Take these bunch of weeping willow. When you have finally won, plant a cutting every 10 metres along the entire crescent lake. Wait for 10 years. When the leaves from the tallest branches touch the water surface, you may then build your parapet wall of 26 foot around the forbidden city. Keep 10 pairs of red deers and 100 pairs of black minks. Let them roam free within the city limit. You may then build a summer palace for white crane. She is the only one I have."

I smiled back, "Yes. Sire! I will honour your daughter in her rightful place." Person like greyhawk was not drawn by money alone. He was too rich for his sake. He valued his daughter way more. I had to tread carefully.

With that commitment, greyhawk left me in my peace. He doesn't know that I do have another offer from crimson queen. an outsider. She wished me good luck today. With her support, there was really no risk in my battle now. But, I really had too many women in my life. Not a good thing I must say.

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