Friday, 18 October 2013

b.MegaTrend - The True Magic of Nature

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My partner-in-crime is truly brilliant. As I have said before, not many guys have a deeper understanding of philosophy than him. He can harness energy from the universe as his own. His skill level is now way beyond any mortals. If that fucken little island had ever engaged his service to the nation, he would make a fine 帅才。 "能领兵者,谓之将也。 能将将者,谓之帅也。" But, unfortunately, fuckens would never know what they missed. There were too many paper generals, but none of them I considered 帅才。To be a 帅才,not only is he good at military strategies, his moral scruples must be up to speed. He does not give in to pressure to do evil. His moral compass must be sharp and pointing correctly upright. 

He explained that technology by man is unfortunately fallible. Every time, a smart guy comes along with his little new-found trick. Every one on the market gets excited about his little toy. He made a rave nifty profit out of it. After about 6 months, a newer smart toy comes into the market. The interest in the older toy is now dead. The original smart guy can't believe his toy is already dead. He then reinvested his entire profits and even poured his entire life-savings to rehash his fledgling toy. He can't believe his formerly extremely popular toy just lose traction like that (read stories about rise of Apple II, rise of IBM PCs, rise of Nokia, rise of Blackberry and so many others). After another 6 months, he not only loses all of his gains, his original capital and his life-savings are gone forever too. The market is so clever. The market just eats up all of his smart toy invention and hard work. To sum, he just did hard work for nothing.

My partner-in-crime said that therefore, trust no smart toys of man, trust instead the workers of nature. Trust the little bacteria, viruses, spores, yeasts, mushrooms, fruits, plants, animals and etc. to do the job for you.

Each of these little critters have billions of years of evolution, revolution and knowledge behind them, for them to be able to survive till now, they must have one hack of survivor skills. They are your best workers. They are tired-less eager beavers. Their technologies are the best you can ever find. So why invent more silly toys of man when you can get the best knowledge and hard work from our almost free tired-less little critters.

Of course, there would be arguments against it by suggesting we are now able to harness wireless technology to better our lives. Granted. No doubt about the contribution made by man did better our life. But, what we are discussing here is building of a very long-term business empire.

He further gave me a ridiculous but too obvious example:   Just take a look at book-covers in a bookstore, notice that book-covers that showed photographs are so much more vibrant than computer design artworks. What a great food for thought. He is a 帅才. I am glad to be of company to him.

Therefore, use the wisdom made by my partner-in-crime to further your quest of long-term business empire building.

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