Friday, 25 October 2013

p.A Weeping Yellowskin

The last part is here:   The High Orgre Feast 

For the whole of today, my eyes were surprisingly wet. The shocked victory at the land of crescent lake actually caught me breathless. Although the result wouldn't be known till summer next year, the orgre king assured me that his relationship with his people is cordial. Achieving a peaceful outcome is therefore shouldn't be much of an issue. Just get the money ready.

I then called my partner-in-crime to announce the success. He was thrilled by the surprise victory too.

I suggested that it was 杨协成 (yeo hiap seng) all over again. I can imagine pushing an orgrean cart making and selling soya bean and chrysanthemum drinks. With sheer hard work, we will then progress to buy more land and build our own factories. Life is going to be simple, healthy and happy. I should be able to feed all my kinsmen with ease.

My partner-in-crime snapped back, "+Luca! Are you kidding me? What we have achieved is way beyond the wildest dreams of any yellowskins. Don't you realise we can now operate an enterprise of our lifetime. With this enterprise, we would be bigger than any known enterprises of the east. For the east, any enterprises created like the one you have conquered in the land of crescent lake would have to be state-controlled. Its shares might not even be sold in the open, let alone owning it in its entirety. You are such a humble bastard. You are so fake. You just want to fish for compliments all the time. But, this time, I allowed your excesses. This news is good. You have achieved where no fuckens have ..."

I dried my tears and smiled.

I was once a consultant to YHS and have always been awed by the establishment before it was eaten alive. It was then a simple establishment with very little extravagance.

I guess I will treasure this opportunity given by the orgre king, bally shoes.

Enough said. I should place my nose back to the grindstone.

Just then, white crane whispered into my ears, "Bally shoes, the orgre king just called and asked you to be prepared for the coming battle of the prairies. It's nigh ..."

I replied, "Shit! So fast? Again? I am damn tired."

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